Can you post three photos of different women first one whom you see her too thin second one whom you see just perfect third one whom you see thick?

Too thin - perfect - thick will differ in everyone opinion so i just wabt to see i mean by thick which in your eyes need yo lose weight :)


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  • Perfect has nothing to do with how thin or thick you are... It has to do with a ratio.

    So there could be 3 girls with 3 body type, and I would find the 3 perfect...

  • I don't think that is fair - I don't mind posting pics of what is right but doing ones for what is wrong doesn't seem appropriate

  • I can't post any pictures :( It says I need 2xper

    • Post names ^^ if they are famous

  • If it differs from each guy, what's the point of asking/answering?

    • To check the variation -.-

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  • This seems like an unhealthy road to go down. The only person whose ideas on your body you need to be concerned about are your own. Can your body run and jump and play? Can it enjoy the sunshine and hug someone you love? Then it's perfect just like the rest of you :)

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    • Good examples but from the topof the body second one and the third look the same

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    • @Flat4 She's looks no where close to over weight, and the girls I posted at too thin are too thin and are either underweight for their high or damn near close to it.

    • Id wager the overweight spectrum is thinner looking girl than you imagine