Would you do a food road trip?

With who? How many people? Would you try to make it a convoy? Any specific cuisine you'd try, or are looking for? What places ( states, international, intercontinental)? How long do you think you'd stay on this food trip? I'd take a food road trip. I've been planning one for a while now. Watching the cooking channel doesn't do me any good sometimes lol. I'd take my friends. If I made it a convoy, it could be, I wouldn't really care since there's food involved. I'm open to all types of cuisine that are piscatarian friendly. The furthest lengths of trying any other meat outside of my usual fish and veggies diet would be duck or chicken. And alligator and snake bc I'm not even really sure which group they belong in but alligator is delicious. Places once again I'm going where there is good food present but I suppose I just start out nationally and intercontinental before reaching the international big leagues. This would go on long enough till I had to go back to working to re-up my money only to do it again. I'm thinking of making it an annual vacation thing.


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  • Yes, I've always wanted to do one ever since becoming a vegetarian.

    With who? My two cousins who are 3 & 4 years younger so I can expose them to that good vegetarian life food

    How many people? Just the 3 of us unless anyone else wants to come. Would you try to make it a convoy? I really don't know

    Any specific cuisine you'd try, or are looking for? Mainly just vegan and vegetarian food because I've never been to a vegan/vegetarian restaurant before.

    What places ( states, international, intercontinental)? We will hit up every good one in Los Angeles next month since I'm moving to Cali and they're already there.

    How long do you think you'd stay on this food trip? However long it takes to get go all these places. Where I'm moving LA is only like 35 minutes away.

    • There's plenty of great places for vegetarians even food trucks that offer a lot of fresh veggie and vegan friendly dishes. Traffic wise I just say prepare yourself, four lane highways and yet nobody can drive, it's a nightmare.

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  • I have a few friends who like their wine/beer/food - if I organised one, there would be no shortage of volunteers. I have no ideas yet maybe some wine regions

    • There's this one show that comes on, here it's called the Esquire Network but it's called The Best Bars in America. Some of the drinks look delicious. Would you try the beer trolley bike in Portland?

    • I googled the beer bike trolley in Portland - They look very good

    • I seen it on Real World one episode and it looked like a fun activity to partake in. Tipsy or drunk trying to pedal sounds quite hilarious.

  • Absolutely I would. Only if I could... I'd do it with my brother or best friend.


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