Does anyone really see what is going on in Greece and what it is really about? Is is a paradigm for where the US is headed? Yes?

Greece has made headlines lately because of the turmoil it has caused in international markets. The reason, to those of you not involved in the financial markets, may seem obscure. How can this tiny economy have an impact. The answer on a practical level is simple. Greece writes bonds ( like loans) that have brought tremandous amounts of cash into Greece. The money from those loans needs to be repaid by Greece. Some of the bonds are guaranteed by the EU and other governments. Greece has defaulted, they cannot pay back the loans.

Why? Well, Greece is for all intensive purposes an example of Liberal (Left Wing) thinking. They gave welfare out to the masses, they spent money from the bonds (loans) on frivolous liberal and social programs that created no value to the Greek economy. Most of the people in the country are on welfare, to the point that few have worked or ever intend to work again. It is where the US is heading. So how do you tell a people that have grown fat and happy in sloth and government handouts that they now HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK? You can't.

The Greek government, over the past few years, has refused to do anything significant to change the situation. They continued to spend as liberals do. They had no intention of changing policies. The Greek government knows that they rely on the welfare recipient's support to be elected. They will not create the policies that force people to work for their handouts. Who bears the burden? Well, the EU and anyone who gave them the money in the first place.

Greece will default. It will mean lost revenue for the rest of the EU and the US. All because the Greek people are used to their handouts. Socialism. It doesn't work. Do you see the parallels with the US? We have a government that has learned that the quickest way to become elected is to hand out money to people who are dependent on that money. Those voters never go away because they are dependent on the government. They dont wor

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  • Listen, I am Greek and I feel hugely offended by your question. I read the first two paragraphs and then quit because I got so angry. You couldn't possibly be more misinformed (or ignorant). You just believe the whole crap the economy-friendly media tells you. The disaster in Greece was brought about by the BANKS. German and English and French banks ruined Greece. Greece should have never ever joined the EU or even contacted these banks. And now the Germans are pissed at the Greek people for taking all their tax money when really, the Greek people don't get one single cent of that money, it is all immediately transferred to these fucking banks. The IMF is led by the US and is trying to bleed out countries who are brave enough to swim against the current and create a new, social and progressive economic system. The is the IMF is the American arm of imperialist capitalism stretching over the Atlantic to Europe and I'm so freaking sick of it. I wish America could just quit interfering with sovereign countries. If you love your ronald reagan or thatcher type of capitalism so much, fair enough. Choke on it, cuz that's what the US is already doing. The US is one of the most socially unequal countries in the world. The richest 1% in literally shitting on the heads of the rest of the country. If you want that, go ahead. But don't talk about dirty liberals in Europe . Just do your own thing and stop preaching your system to the rest of the world. We don't want it. You speak of useless liberal programs. I'm gonna tell you this: My relatives in Greece had a good life until this bank crisis struck. Do you wanna know how they are living now? My aunt and uncle work very hard every single day and yet they don't even have enough money to buy food for the day or new clothes for their children. My dad has to send them money from Switzerland as though they'd be Somalians or Iraqis. The capitalist system that you are in love with has completely fucked up my country. And now that Tsirpas is trying something very new, now that is brave enough to go against the IMF and trying to create a democratic socialism type of system similarly to Roosevelt in the 1930s, all these fucking money-hungry assholes in Germany and England and the US are getting scared. But I'm gonna tell you something: the fight is on. We already have a lefty government now and Spain will follow soon. Maybe Portugal too. We're sick of being ruled by the IMF, the US and Germany and their money.

    • No, I know what im talking about. I a deeply involved in the financial markets and run a stock trading company. Greece grew its government on the back of welfare. It can't pay its debts and doesn't want to reduce its power/government. Simple as that.

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    • No, I don't live in Greece. But I know many people who do, some of which are close relatives (aunt, uncle, cousins etc.). And I do have a Greek passport (I'm a double citizen) which, in a way, makes me part of all this (at least emotionally).
      Solution: That's a hard question. I do have ideas but I don't know if the Greek government will be brave enough to try some of them, considering they are under such extreme pressure. Probably THE most important thing in Greece is that the rich people start paying their taxes. This also means that my other home country, Switzerland, must finally quit helping these wealthy bastards evade taxation. Secondly, Greece urgently needs to get a more structured administration. They need to finally write down who all these mansions and yachts belong to and start taxing these people. The rich people are one of the big reasons why Greece even got into this whole debacle (no wonder the government never had enough money if all the wealthy people moved their

    • money to Swiss bank accounts). Obviously, they are too irresponsible to pay their fair share, so the government should force them.
      As for more drastic system changes, I would strongly support it if Greece would abandon the whole anglo-american capitalist idea of interest. I'm not saying we should become communist. There are good aspects of capitalism but interest is not one of them. Interest makes it possible to earn more money with money than with honest labor. This is why the rich get always richer and the poor always poorer (both globally on the scale of every nation). It's not an utopic idea. Japan got rid of the whole interest-system. Islamic banks also don't do it because the Qu'ran doesn't allow interest (christianity also didn't allow it until it was corrupted by the catholic church). I also strongly believe in a system called Democratic Socialism. Basically what we have in Sweden or Norway. It works much better than American capitalism. But it only works without corruption.

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  • Catering to the rich
    will bring as much trouble as going socialist
    Whatever it takes to promote jobs that can support families will steal time from war/terror, open up the rich dams in the money river but force work=money over handouts
    I don't single out Greece...
    I do see USA weaknesses here


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  • Nope. I've followed the Greek issue for years. Many economists predicted that never ending austerity on an already faltering economy without any serious stimulus was bound to fail. They've been proven right.

    Greece has many structural issues that need to be resolved but they need to be combined with investment. The stereotype about lazy Greeks is ignorant. They shouldn't have been allowed to enter the eurozone and now they're competing with the likes of Germany without a fully fledged mometary union. This is a political issue more than an economic one.

  • You have a point, but it's an over simplification of a complicated situation. A few differences:
    The US prints it's own money
    We still have some manufacturing base
    Our labor laws aren't so horrible as to drive away business
    The US has a strong corporate presence in the political arena

    • Greece printed its own money too. And through the EU is now weighing on the Euro. Our manufacturing base is not going to change the fact that over a third of the people are sucking at the teat of welfare and the health system. Our corporate presence in the political arena id one of the things fostering this. The Liberal Elite Power base of the President is just that, Warren Buffet and the like. They are the very ones Socializing America. All the points you mentioned are reasons we are accelerating toward a greek situation.
      Did you know that the US actively buys gold and sells dollars. That is to consolidate power in the government as the wealth of the people collapses. The currency is detached entirely from Gold. As the currency collapses, Washington will have all the power... no... it is happening here

  • It can't happen to the US because the US is he strongest in the IMF with 16.74 % of the votes :
    Add the US friendly countries and nobody else has much to say.

    Right now the US have Greece by the balls and are squeezing.
    Merkel and other EU countries are just giving a supportive voice.

  • Both of your options suck and you're making the u. s. Out to be a bad place, and attacking lefties, not cool dude. I wouldn't attack righties and Greece, that's not my style. Did you hear we (the u. s.) legaliSed gay marriage today

    • This isn't about gay marriage, it is about Greece. The problem IS the left. Do you know the history of Greece's problem? Did you know that MOST of the men in Greece don't work? Did you know that nearly everyone is on state welfare and has been for years. Greece never wanted to address the problem. Each time it came up the opponent was told he was "Just Attacking the Left". Well... they have been borrowing the money for years to fund this. Now there is no other country willing to foot the bill. It truly is a problem of the Left. Socialism doesn't work, but I guess no one told the Greeks.