What makes 'Unforgiven' the best of Clint Eastwood films?

Unforgiven was listed as the fourth best American film in the western genre (behind The Searchers, High Noon, and Shane) in the American Film Institute's "AFI's 10 Top 10" list.

I mean how did it beat 'High Plains Drifter'?


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  • Amazing film. 'Well he shouldn't have used my friend to decorate his salon'. Amazing line although not verbatim, I still remember it after years. The seriff who can't fix a roof and it leaks... the movie made them more than two dimensional characters. The whores who hired him, I can so see them do that. Great movie!


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  • Because its a western. Although I think personally Mystic River is his best movie. All other ones like Grand Tourino and Million Dollar baby are just great. I'm not sure maybe because was able to get a great cast like Gene Hackmen and such in a good over all western.

  • I think it always gets the nod because Eastwood also directed it.

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