What is too old to never have had a job before?

Assuming the person is going to/went to college and grad school.

oh and also child/babyless


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  • Id say 25 max. I didn't get my first job until 21 coz of uni


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  • No age limit but is this any job or full time job

    • Either one. I just would like to stop relying on my parents as much to pay for my own food and random things that I occasionally would like to buy for myself and others. In no way do I need to start being completely self sufficient or live on my own or anything.

  • I think really no age limit i believe you can have a good job at any age

    • Example:
      There is doctors in medical school come out at age 40
      and start practicing medicine so i don't know what would
      be considered too old and most of them doctors practice
      medicine to their age 70 or older if they have mentality
      to still practice medicine than why would it be wrong
      with still being a doctor at age 70 sometimes in their 80's

  • Im 20 and am starting my Junior year of college. I've never had a job and now its hard to find the kind I'm looking for since I haven't any experience. I refuse to work in a fastfood restaurant. That has nothing to do with my future career working in a big office firm

    • Yeah I'm pretty much in the same boat. I'm going into my junior year of college and all my friends have jobs :/ I have no working experience and all my internships I've done in high school apparently don't help me much. I am hoping though that with my specialized skills that I will acquire after grad school I will land a good job, but we'll see. I'll still try to get a job/internship for next summer and the summer after that though.

    • Yea I've somewhat been jobhunting this summer but they keep throwing my application out the window because I dont have experience. I've even tried to get a job working as a hostess or as a desk assistant at a nearby gym. Still no callbacks

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  • i think 29..

  • I think most people should have had at least one job by 18, even if it's just a couple weeks at a summer job your parents got you or tutoring/babysitting during high school. No matter what it is, it's something to put on your resume, plus the experience you get is something you can't learn in school. You start to understand what it's like to get $10/hour and to have to budget that money, which is a good life lesson for the future. Many places (retail, fast food, local events or festivals) hire part-time students during Christmas break or summer break, so why not start there? Search online for what's available near you and apply as soon as you can.

    I got my first job at 14 (part-time summer counsellor), did a shitload of volunteering (and babysitting) during high school which has really helped in terms of experience, and during my university summers I worked at the Royal Bank of Canada and then at a small not-for-profit organization in my city. Making money was great and made me feel more independent, but honestly it was the experience of getting and keeping a job that really helped me learn and grow.

    • What if you've only had many internships in high school yet no paying job and you're in your 20s?

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    • Because I was a competitive figure skater until I was 15 so I had no other time to do any other activities. Then I after I quit I focused more on my art so i was in pre college programs and art classes er summer I got into college. Then I focused on my tennis last summer, so I guess I have mildly ok excuses.

    • Those are good excuses - make sure to list all of those extracurricular activities/interests on applications and resumes as well as awards or competitions you won.

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