Why do I feel so much pressure to meet someone and settle down?

I'm not that young but I'm not that old either. I'm 22 and I feel I want to settle SO bad. I really really want to meet a nice guy and get married and in a few years start a family.
It's not anyone putting pressure on me, it's just in my head. It got a lot worse since I started working. In college everyone is young and no has their shit together really but at work almost everyone is married with kids and I feel like I'm wasting my life

I've never had a boyfriend, never had sex and I want that as well, badly (but with the right guy) I know realistically I still have quite a few good years left to find someone, but I'm so terriffied I'm never gonna find someone and I don't know why I feel that way?


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  • relx u r still young actually... and if u feel pressured nothing's gonna happen... so wot if everyone' married wid kids at work? (i assume they r older than u)

    anyway... don't haste yer life yer time's gonna come... also don't do it just in order 2 "blend" wid da crowd 8)

    • I don't want it just to blend with the crowd, it's just everyone around me having families highlights how much I want it myself

      And well ya most are at least 30 but some of those 30 year olds have kids that 4 or 5 so they weren't that much older when they had them

    • eh don't worry... u don't have 2 b young in order 2 have kids :)

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  • We all go through stages like that

    • do we? So does it go away eventually? Because it seems everyone says that it just gets worse as you get older

    • It will probably be something that will hit you in waves other times you will be happily single - You are so young now that there is every chance it could happen sometime in the future, try not to worry too much.

  • No idea, but where have you been the last 2 years of my life?

    • well, on the other side of the pond

  • It's normal feeling look for a more mature guy

    • I am, but it's still not working out. I don't know dating is hard for me, as you can tell by me never having a boyfriend.

      In fairness a few years ago I never cared about dating. I was very ambitious in sports and school and I really didn't care for a boyfriend. But you that way I never learned how to date, how to meet guys

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    • No I think I'm pretty decent looking

      Also "turning heads" in itself is not enough, if nothing ever follows

    • Search through your web of friends

  • i feel like you, i feel a strong feeling to settle down with the right one.


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