Was it a good thing what I did?

So I was at this party with some friends and we had a good time. Until two gay guys aproched me asking if I was gay. I told them no I am not gay. They begun to call me homophobic and called me some other names. (I was a little angry)

Than one of them grabbed my ass from behind. So I instantly gave him a upper cut. (I felt sexually assaulted) He felt unconcious on the ground. People gathered around and it was starting to become hectic. I left the party and went home.

Was this the right thing to do?

  • Yes, no one has the right to sexually assault you
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  • No, I should have left the party without doing anything
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  • Tough one you were provoked/wrong - I don't condone violence but you were groped - I think the fact that you feel guilty is a good sign just move on and hope nothing arises from it plus nothing like this happens again.


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  • yes... it was right..


What Guys Said 1

  • well i can understand what you did, in hindsight yes you could have brushed it off, but you didn't.. fact is they rather brought in on themselves

    • But I think they were drunk. So I felt bad after.

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