Why can being out of routine mess people up?

I remember my shift pattern changed at work for a week so it meant i was doing lates for a week or so in mid march. It completely messed me up. Now something big is coming up in work again it could potentially mean im doing lates. I felt so ill cause my eating habits changed and i was out of routine. The same thing happened when i was away recently in mexico.

How do other people react to being out of routine? The same or do you handle it better?


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  • You tend to go on autopilot for repetition, get into a groove.

    Shift patterns changing are the worst - you never have a chance to settle into a sleep pattern or an eating pattern. In my old job we had three shifts (morning, afternoon, and overnight). I didn't have to do nights but the people who did looked like shit sometimes, because they had just settled into one shift when the rota would move them onto the next.


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  • It totally throws you - The most obvious example is jet lag.