What's your take on Donald Trumps fairly unpopular viewpoint and unpleasant remarks of Mexican immigrants?

Here's my take on this. I think it's stupid to single out Mexicans for illegal immigrantion in the United States when there are many illegal Salvadorans, illegal Guatemalans and many other illegal Latin American immigrants from Central America who crosses through Mexico first to get to the US illegally but in American people's view, anyone who looks like a racially Indigenous or Mestizo Hispanic person is automatically a "Mexican".

  • I agree with Trump.
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  • I think what Trump said was racist and xenophobic.
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  • I can understand that the US has a lot of illegals who happen to be from Mexico but Trump still crossed the line with his remarks.
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  • Statistically, he's correct. BUT they're not doing all the things he mentioned BECAUSE they're mexicans, they're doing that because it happens in mexico. That's the only problem here, that he's asociating a population with these crimes.

    He's right that USA should have a strict border control to mexico for these reasons, because you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure it's bad. But he's anglign it the wrong way.
    He says he want to stop mexicans from entering USA for it, not stoping criminals from mexicor from entering USA. Different wording, almost the same resutl, except in the second case you're makign it clar you're targeting CRIMINALS, not the comon mexican.

    TL:DR unpopular opinion that needs to be said, but worded all wrong


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  • I think it was racist and it really upsets me that he can say these comments yet everyone is so okay with it. If he had said "all black people are dumb and rapists" there would have been an uproar of hate his way. But because it's Latinos everyone just says it's fine.
    One huge reason I any vote for him is because if your a racist an you attack Latinos now, whose next? Gays? African Americans/black people? And I don't see how more people aren't afraid of that, maybe they're not afraid because that's how they actually want America to be.
    We do have many illiegals but most of them are just families the want a better life. They look at crime, education, etc and jut want their kids to have a better opportunity (which last I checked was the American dream but whatever). I know it's a problem but what he said was racist, that's just I voted B
    Also in that speeches he said some things that let me know he doesn't actually know how illegal immigration works.

  • This guy needs to go away. He can't be our president. He's a joke


What Guys Said 5

  • I think that nothing he says can be taken seriously. He's crazy or stupid.
    I'm assuming he has enough of a connection with reality left that he knows he won't win and is doing all this for publicity. Such comments would increase the publicity he's getting.

  • he's racist. And I'll agree that we 'have a lot of illegals who happen to be from Mexico'

    but I also don't necessarily agree with the law there. I mean, I don't really blame a lot of those people and I guess I'd rather they be here legally? so they can get real wages though, I want things to be easier for people to come here for chrissakes

    I mean we're not the best country but I know a lot of children and other people, from Mexico and other countries try to get here because they need to. It's not usually just for a lark...

  • I love it. Trump is hilariously entertaining. I like listening to him because he has absolutely no filter whatsoever.

  • Thank God white people don't commit crimes or else society would go right down the crapper.

    • At least not the majority of white people. You can't deny that there are at least some white criminals.

    • I was being sarcastic - Of course there are plenty of white criminals

  • Fuck that puto