What do you think of Artificial Intelligence?

I personally think that the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a misleading term. The word intelligence in my opinion should be strictly speaking used only to describe living organisms. A machine no matter how sophisticated it might be is simply a lot of pieces put together to perform a certain function people have designed it to do. The pieces themselves are not living and working intandem with each other do not become alive. A mind is not produced in this way - as some might think, for example, of a computer - especially a super copmuter. To simplify matters lets regard a computer as a number of transistors working together to carry out a lot of calculations per second. Each transistor is simpy on or off and a useful function is performed because humans have placed the transistors in a particular order and written a fixed algorithem. They are in essence similar to a lot of cogs and pulleys working together according to the levers we pull.

A CPU is in stark contrast with a brain in that individual LIVING neurons connect to each other to support what we call the mind.

The one big characteristic of life in my opinion is its ability to adapt to its surrondings and this can be done because it is not rigid, or static like a stone or crystal, but it is dynamic, flexible, and alive.

There is no life in a computer and therfore there is no possibility of awareness, emotions, goals, and such non sense. That is only what people love to imagine. Fear that a massive super copmputer suddenly will come to life and take over the world enslaving or eliminating humans in the process has no grounds in my opinion because the transistor is not alive.


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  • Articifial Intelligence is named appropriately. As you say, INTELLIGENCE should be resserved for living, breathing creatures.

    And it's called ARTIFICIAL intellignce bcause it's MADE; It's fake, not real! It's artificial.
    So i believe it's a perfectly acurate therm, because it's used to describe a simulated intelligence.
    Do we have a true AI today? Nope, no way in hell. We're far from it.

    Can we create a true AI? yes we can. OP, you need to kep in mind that all those "emotions", "tought processes", "goals" and all that going on in your tiny head is just chemistry and elctricity. A coctail of chmical reactions, and electrical impulses. Your brain is simply just a HIGHLY sophisticated biological computer! And I beleive we will at some point have the technology to perfectly replicate the human brain. And when we can that, we can also create Artificial Intelligence.
    So, YES AI is a very real posibility!

    • I still disagree with the term Artificial Intelligence. Intelligence cannot be artificial, and it is precisely this which renders the term AI a misleading term, because people will tend to think that an 'AI' system is somehow similar or can be like the human mind.
      Further more, although it is true that the human brain is made up of cells and that in these cells a lot of chemical reactions go on, and electrical impulses fire between neurons is true, the mind is not physical. It needs a physical body to come into be, but is itself an entity of its own distinct from the physical brain.
      So I disagree with you on that point too.

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  • I believe it will keep advancing but scientists will never be so stupid to have it overpower human intelligence (I hope) ~ and you're right, artificial intelligence is definitely lacking emotion but then again I think some humans do too.. 😅


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  • Well, that's why they call it "artificial" intelligence. Because it's not intelligent, it just appears to be.

    And yeah, as cool as it might be in movies to think that an AI could become sentient, it's never going to happen. Machines, including AI, can only do what they're programmed to do, nothing more.

    • Yes but its still misleading, because intelligence cannot be man made in the first place. That would be like creating life. But perhaps we can set the conditions to kick start life. Maybe. But not with transistors I think.

  • Steven Hawking calls John Oliver stupid :'D On this subject, he states what better person should AI's control than the worlds smarterest person.

  • Is that the ultimate aim/fear in AI that they make a machine that can adapt ( Fear is then they realise they don't need us anymore and takeover )

  • It's basically "You can never have enough of a good thing".
    A. I is useful but too much can be dangerous.

    If it gets so far as self sustaining and is able to reproduce it's self without our help, that's when we're screwed! Technological Evolution or should I say Revolution?

  • If you think about it we are all just things designed to do the task of reproducing to go all philosophical on you

    • Also computers can adapt and learn like us there is proof https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qv6UVOQ0F44

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    • Life is the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.
      if a cpu could do what is stated it would be considered alive by definition and CPUs cans already reproduce with codes machines can build machines they can grow expand their code and theoretically build bigger more computers they can do function activities and can change before their own codes before being damaged or scrapped therefore a CPU could be by definition alive

    • Maybe there is something missing in the definition than, because I am sure that computers are not alive. It's unbelievable that some people like you think that computers are alive. OMG!