I don't believe they should stop the sell of the general Lee and other merchandise of its kind why would they do this instead put blame where belongs?

On the man who needs to be in jail and nothing more can our government not do anything anymore?


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  • I don't think it should be outlawed. It should be taken down from the South Carolina capital building, but if some backwards redneck wants to fly it, let him have his fun.

    • Why do u have to be labeled a backwards redneck because u want to fly southern pride I didn't label anyone anything

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    • Still didn't answer my question about labeling someone and I don't think it's racist when ever black rappers have been seen with the Confederate flag on their aoutfits and their album covers if black people are doing it how is it about suppressing them please explain

    • Use punctuation, for the love of god, use punctuation.

      You never asked the question relating to rappers, as such, I didn't answer it because it wasn't asked.

      Your original question is hard enough to understand, though it sounds as though you're saying a man was arrested solely for flying the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia?

      And it's oppressive in the same way the N word is oppressive. It's incredibly racist when a white person uses it to demean a black person, but black people have taken the word as their own, and Kanye West as stupid as he is is trying to do the same with the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. Is it so hard to see how this state endorsement of a symbol of oppression would upset people?

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  • It has become a symbol at the moment - The supporters of the true meaning of the flag should take steps to disassociate flag from hate groups.

  • America... a man should be able to express his beliefs, no matter who finds them offensive. The age of the thought police is upon us.


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  • Thank God I'm not American!

    • What does that mean

    • It means I'm proud to say I'm not an American.

    • That and the U. S. going deep down a shithole in every way.

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