Why do the girls that don't like me believe it when this guy called me a slut?

This guy was going around school telling people I'm a slut. I didn't know about this until a week later. I'm not a slut at all. I'm a virgin. I barely talk to guys and I've never had a boyfriend. Im 16.
I only talk to guys sometimes because it seems like all the girls hate me for some reason? I don't know why girls hate me. Im not that mean. I'm Kinda quiet. But I heard a few guys like me so I can't be that ugly either.
So a lot of girls were smirking at me at school and believed that I am a slut when I'm not. Why?

And the girls that don't have a problem with me as much and the less popular girls don't give a shit.


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  • Girls will say that about girls who are prettier than them and stealing the attention from guys away from them.

    • I wasn't called a slut by a girl. I was called one by a guy and the girls believed it lol

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    • Ok but I was asking about why the girls believe it. They don't know me but they were so eager to talk and gossip about it

    • That goes back to them being jealous.

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  • Girls are jealous...
    Girls are called sluts when they walk down the streets... When they bend over to pick up something... When they decide to lose their virginity... When they decide to have a boyfriend... or multiple ones... It's a fact and no one can change that... Dosen't make it true at all..
    It's just a word for everything now... People are just waiting like vultures and are lusting to use it... So just ignore it seriously... You have better things to worry about I bet

  • You might be pretty and girls are jealous of you.


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  • well to be frank when you dislike someone you are much more likely to believe negative things about them. Is it possible that they're jealous because boys are more into you?

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