Do you think the idea of white privilege is complete and utter nonsense created by people who don't take personal responsibility?

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  • My white priviledge was to have tw parents who sacraficed so that I could do better than them in the world. I have sacraficed for my children now and hope that they will do better than me. That is the privilege the rest is bullshit made up by people to explain their own failure or the failure of their parents.

    • Now that the facts most won't hear brother. It doesn't serve the pitty me mentality that gets them noticed

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What Girls Said 2

  • No, as a racially ambiguous Brazilian with African ancestry, I do not believe the idea of white privilege is complete and utter nonsense.
    I believe that for many, not all, white people racism and white privilege are conceptual. 'The idea'. For many white people, race and white privilege are concepts, ideas... a mere hypothesis. A proposed explanation made on the basis of LIMITED EVIDENCE. Evidence which in fact tends to be LIMITED FOR WHITE PEOPLE due to white privilege. Due to the fact that they are not constantly reminded that they are different in a way that tends to imply them being different is negative. It's really insensitive, self-absorbed, and inconsiderate when white people try to suggest that the legitimate, impactful RACE-BASED ENCOUNTERS are simply a figment of MILLIONS of people's imaginations.

    The only people who seem to think white privilege is "complete and utter nonsense" tend to be white or those minorities who are obsessed with trying to reach the standard of whiteness that still exists from colonialism.

  • It's painfully and evidently real. You'd only really and truly understand if you lived the life of a minority.


What Guys Said 7

  • As a black person, I see white privilege all the time where I live, especially if it's me against a white kid, and it fucking exists.

    Example A) Walking in a gas station, my friend and I ran a test. He "stole" a pop and I accidentally didn't pay for mines. This lady called the police on ME. She was so absorbed with me, she didn't see him clearly walk out with unpaid merchandise.

    Example B) You would be surprised the disrespect I recieved at a factory I was working at sole on my skin color.

    And example C) I offered to help a white woman carry her bags to her car, cause they looked heavy. Well she said, "I don't want you stealing my stuff you n**." So I retorted with, "Hope you break your back white trash." Oh, but I said the racist thing...

    Fuck the area I live in quite honestly, they're racist as hell. Apparently they can act how they want, especially in my presence, but if I even trip over someones shoes it's reason enough for a racist remark.

  • White privilege !!! Is this a nice way to go around labeling someone as a supremacist? Or are you in reference to momma and daddy showering spoilt kids with everything they are to lazy to work for? I bust my azz to provide for me and my wife , no one giving me anything but grief

  • I think white privilege is real and it is despicable

    • Your in Europe right. That is a white continent.

    • Yes where I am in Ireland is about 98% white so we don't have the factors that usually affect a multi racial society

  • Don't know, don't care. I'ma do my thing regardless.

    • I'm with you on this , let them fight it out amongst themselves , when they bring the crap in my playground is when I have a problem

  • I only ever hear about privileged middle class white women and dumb college kids who are themselves privileged and white talking about white privilege. Anyone who knows anything can take one look at NASCAR fans and tell you there's no such thing as white privilege.

  • I don't have any white privilege but then again I'm lower class so I don't know

  • I don't think this is an either/or thing.

    I do think white people have advantages and blacks/minorities disadvantages. However, I do also think that blacks/minorities tend to avoid personal responsibility.

    The thing is, they don't want to take advice that comes from wealthy and/or white people. They distrust them and simply won't listen. But fuck, the people who do take that advice tend to get rich themselves.

    There's a certain point where people simply want to identify as victims because it's easier than doing the hard work necessary to stop being poor and unhappy. But it also requires admitting that while there is still racial problems to overcome, things HAVE improved enough for them to be upwardly mobile--and they don't want to do that.