What to do when your anger hits you full force?

I'm under an immense amount of stress.
Just found out my cardio won't take me any more because of my insurance. I own him almost $400.
I hurt my back months ago, and my doctor ordered me Physical Therapy for my back, hip and pelvis. I screwed up a muscle and its hitting my sciatic nerve.
I also need to see a chiropractor, and get an EMG. wouldn't you know, my insurance may not cover it.
My back is killing me. My legs are heavy. And I'm too the point of no return. I don't know if I want to cry or put my fist through the dry wall.
I'm beyond pissed.
Someone help?

Thank you all for who answered this. However, I found that what little family I do have cannot help. It is understandable, everyone has something they are dealing with.
As for the money, I have no money. The only thing that has value I own is my car. Which I cannot sell.
My fiance is working 65 hours a week, and still the money does not stretch far enough. I am pretty much, well pretty much is far fetched from reality- I can't do nothing because of my health.
This is embarrassing


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  • Well... you know there is nothing I can tell you because when we get to that point we undestand that there is nothing more important than our body.

    My advice, this is happening to you so yout body is calling for you, I live in a place that money worth nothing, I have no future and I can be killed or robed any day in the street so only this advice.

    Take care of what you can do, what can be done then do it, the other things just try not to think in that because you are not helping you out.

    Look in youtube meditation, healing tecniques even if you dont belive in this, is free and is an option that you can affort, at least it could help you to calm your mind.

    Be brave, and just keep going. Life never stay the same, wind will blow into a better place.


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  • That sounds tough - Could your family help you out and you pay them back when you can - I hope things improve for you and you get better

  • shit... so bout da $400... is it possible 2 ask somebody to lend u some money or manage 2 sell sth so u can b debt-free?

  • Take a nice relaxing poop, your poop will calm you down.

    • this may actually be helpful in relieving sciatica, because intestinal pressure can push on the nerve
      taking a poop might relieve some pressure

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  • Count sheep, take a deep breathe, drink water, watch TV, use GaG and draw/write, make yourself believe that the pain you're feeling is not real..
    At least, that's what I do..

  • I start swearing at the top of my lungs and yelling because I just can't control my emotions when I get that angry.

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