What should I do I don't wanna leave my job?

I just got my first job a dinner and i love it there everyone is so nice to me. I have one promblem though. The guys at work are always in my face. They are constantly flirsting with me and destracting my from my work. Its gotten to the point where everytime i leave to take a break they all follow me outside. The women at work talk about me behind my back. They all think im sleeping with the guys at work. I know its not true but i dont know what the guys are all saying. What shpuld i do? i can't just quit. i love the people that come in and when my co-workers arnt talking about me behind my back we have a goo time. it took me almost a year to find a job and this one pays well. Oh also i dont wanna be the tattle tell.


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  • First I worked as a supervisor of over 100 employees so I have just a "wee" bit of experience with these type of issues.

    1. At least in the US, you have a legal right not to be harassed where you work and for your employers to provide a safe space for all employees to work.
    2. When these guys are 'always in your face,' are you making an active effort to tell them no, you don't appreciate their advances, that you would perfer to do your job and for them to do the same. If they are saying and doing things and you are simply giggling and laughing... they may think erroneously or not, that you are reciprocating their actions, and therefor see no reason to stop because you have not illustrated that you want them to stop. Also rebuffing these guys will send a signal to the women, that you aren't cool with this and may stop the is she, isn't she sleeping with them.
    3. Talk to your boss about your issue or HR and let them know the steps you have personally taken, things you've said, how many times you've told them you aren't interested, etc. and that it continues to happen and you just want to work and do a good job and not have to constantly worry about the guys following you.
    4. Keep records of anyone you spoke to, i. e., your boss, Hr, the guys, so that should something further happen and you need to take legal action or go to a higher up, you can have a record of what all you've done or they've done.
    5. Lastly, anyone can quit any job. It may not be easy, it may take some time, you may need to start now looking for something new worse comes to worse, but you are not a slave, you CAN walk away if you need to.
    P. S. doesn't seem like people talking behind your back are really your friends...


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  • just ignore those shitty co-workers who talk behind yer back... once they find out u don't give a damn bout wot they say i believe they'll stop.
    and stay in yer job if it pays well :)

  • You need to take it up with management because its the right thing to do. Don't get hung up on thinking that you are a tattle tell, because it will prevent you from doing what is right.


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