My job did not pay me? ADVICE?

THIS IS THE second week and I was suppose to get paid. The HR manager was giving everyone. the run around about their payment but confirmed on Friday . AND. GUESS WHAT NO PAYMENT. They. claim my check was mailed. out yesterday from. California. I live in Chicago. It's no way it's getting here on Saturday. I am getter sick to my stomach about this I need. my money. How would you. feel?


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  • I think you have to get authorities invovled

    • What authorities? It's the fact they were so inconsiderate about it. It's 2015 who mails out checks and it's no way it would be here in 24 hours

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    • I would quietly look for another job - Everybody needs the security of a regular paycheck coming at set times and you are not getting that at the moment

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  • Call the fraud unit of your local precinct and report your employer... now. Don't be shy about it. They can't fire you or harass you for it.

    • That harassment and firing still happens

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  • Report to the authorities. That's called fraud.

    • How is it fraud?

    • If they are not paying you and having excuses to postpone payment they are committing fraud