Who are more Sentimental & romantic & Sexually feeling:Men or women? why?


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  • I think men are. I am constantly surprised and shocked by the effort men in my life have put into showing me how they feel and remembering dates and locations of times we've shared. I wish I could think up things for them to feel as special as I have in the past.

    • do the same to us, and take initiative.
      Seriously, it's that easy. in a world where we're supposed to always make the moves, it will for most guys REALLY show you're into him if you make a move. Doesn't need to be much, just invite him to a movie night (what follows after that depends on what your relationship status is) or something similar.

      Oh, and a protip... guys are more physical, but that doesn't mean we're not sensual. We do enjoy things like a massage/backrub (just be gentle on the shouders, because guys don't give a rat's ass about stiff shoulder muscles so a deep massage WILL hurt XD), or just cuddles.

      Oh, and surprsing him with a dinner and a relaxing night (the exact content is up to you, but makouts is a minimum) after a busy period at his job will work well too. Make him feel wanted and needed, THAT will make his day (and night).

      I think that's all i can think of. Hope it helps :)

    • Thank you! I've been working on this and I just bought night lights to take my boyfriend night surfing and packed a picnic basket for use snack on the beach. It's not must but I put a lot of effort into making it special.

    • Sorry auto correct hates me!! I hope you get what I meant :(

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  • Depends on the person, even if I have to say maybe majority of guys are less emotional or at least dont show it well.
    Im dating the exception to the norm though lol


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  • Hard one to call - I think women more sentimental and romantic and both equally sexual

  • Women I guess because that's what I have learned from my relationships and others.

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