I believe that blacks are expected to be unconditionally peaceful and forgiving more than any other race. Thoughts?

Sure other races have bad things done to them by other races too, but I believe that blacks are expected more than any other race to be peaceful and forgiving more than any other race. The media is praising the blacks in South Carolina for not lashing out. I think blacks lose no matter what. If they're peaceful and forgiving they lose, if they lash out they lose. They're expcted to play the "damned if they do/don't" role all the time everytime. That's just the facts. For those who don't like this question Oh fucking well trick no told your lame ass to answer it either.


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  • I believe in peaceful protest as opposed to violent no matter what your grievance


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  • Violence has never solved anything. The key to ending racism is showing the ignorant that black people aren't that different from white people. If you start destroying cities you will get more enemies than friends.

  • If you believe this is true then you do NOT know any black people. They will fight over anything.