English Expert , Which is answer and why?

Conflicting standards for allowable radiation levels in foods made ------- appraisals of the damage to crops following the reactor meltdown extremely difficult.

A. reliable
B. private
C. intrusive
D. conscious
E. inflated


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  • Reliable (i believe)

    • If the standards for the levels of radiation that are allowed in food are conflicting (meaning they are not widely accepted standards), then this makes it very difficult to make reliable (meaning with the utmost certainty that they are valid and trustworthy) appraisals on the dammage that was made to crops after the reactor meltdown.

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    • Hope it helped

    • Thank you for MHO :)

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  • What do you think the answer is?

    I'd tell you but this looks like the kind of thing you're supposed to come up with on your own. :)

    • You are not sure about the answer?
      I didn't get that sentence. What does it mean to say?

    • No, I am sure of the answer. I'm asking what you think the answer is.

    • I have looked back of book and got answer "reliable" .
      This sentence is complex :/ .

  • I think A. Reliable

  • it's reliable of course , anything else makes no sense at all. haha ^^