Have you ever had your car stuck in snow, mud or sand?


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  • Yes indeed here, dear, I have many times over...
    I was brought up in the tough snow and blow weather and with driving in all kinds of bad conditions in Upstate elements, you have to be an Expert in the winter Or... Be stuck.
    However, as brave as I have always been, I can also be very stubborn and determined.
    One night when I refused to stay home, wanting to meet friends 15 miles from me, regardless of the snow storm and knowing the roads were 'Closed' and Go at your own risk, I set out, went slow. But somehow I ended up skidding off to the side of the road and had to have a farmer pull me out. I gave him my "Going out money" I had planned to use for my movie night and went Home... With no more fight. xx


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  • I have in sand