Name 5 Films you think that everyone should watch once in their lifetime and why?

doesn't matter any language or kinda; and describe a little if possible..!
*not too long. 1 or 2 line for each mu-v would be enough :)


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  • 1. August RUSH - watching this movie is a must!!! The movie and the plot touched my heart. It literally touched my heart. It's about music. And about this child who was left in an orphanage as a baby and wanted to find his parents. He believes and feels like the only way he could find them is through music and through playing instruments since his parents were also musicians but he didn't know that. He just felt it's the only way he can reach them and he's so freaking talented damnit!!

    2. SHE'S THE MAN - it's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen! I've seen it like more than 20 times and I always laugh at the same jokes! It's with Amanda Bynes who pretends to be a guy (her brother, more specifically) in order to play soccer since her girls team was cut out (or cut off - nevermind, u get the point).

    3. LUCY - all ill say about this movie is that it's one of the most life-changing movies I've ever seen. After watching it, I literally felt like a different person and started having a diff view on life.

    4. STEP-UP - there are 5 step-up movies and each movie is better than the other!! (I mean, 2 is better than 1. 3 better than 2...) It's about dance and if u love dancing, I strongly recommend u watch the movies. They're ah-ma-zing!

    5. THE MAZE RUNNER - I liked the movie more than the hunger games.. but probably cuz I got bored of it. But the maze runner is pretty awesome! U HAVE to watch the movie.

    • Oh sorry, I just saw the "not too long" :p

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    • "Love Me *No More"
      sholly :3

    • No worries :'D

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  • The Fault in Our Stars: brings out your sensitive side and shows you to appreciate your health
    Up: so cute and meaningful
    The Emperor's New Groove: hilarious
    Lilo and Stitch: funny and meaningful
    The Blind Side: shows you about race, self esteem, and is really touching

    • Sounds like you're fun loving person, aren't you..!
      I just watched "up" from them but description of your's make me more curious...

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    • If you really like Up movie then I wanna suggest you to watch "CJ7"
      I personally didn't watch animated version because it was released late so suggest you to watch real version of the movie.
      *Bet you'll fall in love with the simplicity of characters :)
      bytheway what does your name means?

    • Thanks! Well I love falafel so I though others might want some falafel too 😄😄

  • The first two I thought of was glory and 12 years a slave. Let me keep thinking and I'll get back to you.

    • I'm waiting for the rest of three. I didn't saw both of them but they are famous because I heard them about many times so wanna know which 3 more you choose :)

    • The only other I can thing of is the roots seven part series. I feel crazy because these are all about the American slave trade but there's a lot to learn from it.

  • schindler's list
    v for vendetta
    star wars
    and terminator 2

    • Schindler's list is one of the very impressive movie. Godfather and Judgement Day is Action movies. lol
      Do you like Action Movies... I thought girls like romantic movies more ;)
      As I never got the the chance to watch V for Vendetta and Star Wars so don't know much about them...
      what type of V for Vendetta movie is?

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    • V for Vendetta sounds like a Mask of Zorro ;)
      wow, Do you like Video Games?

    • You're right about V for vendetta, it's similar to Zorro, but "V" more charismatic than Zorro. And V, he's just want to destroy the political corruption. So "V" storyline more deep than Zorro...

      Video games? LoL :) Yeah, I think I like them. I prefer strategy games like Anno series, or RPG games such as Mass Effect. ;)

      Am I look like strange with my hobbies? ;) Yeah maybe I'm strange girl or... I don't know, who cares :D

  • Scarface it's good
    Boyz in the Hood
    Eve's Bayou

    • I just watched Scarface and Up. lol
      but other's also look good by name so I surely watch them...
      can you describe a little about Eve's Bayou and Atlantis!!

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  • I would never say "should," but these are five movies I recommend to any adult of any background.

    1. Sideways
    2. Ed Wood
    3. All the President's Men
    4. Aliens
    5. Almost Famous

    I could go on and on. These are the best movies I've ever seen, though.

    • thank you for your views :)
      would you like to describe a little if possible...

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    • I personally like "Wings of Desire" (1982 maybe) as it is very rare movie. you can say the 1st "city of angels" which are far better than that.
      Story of an Angel who fall in love with the Girl (Human). old is gold I can say!
      You'd watch it and then tell me here how would you feel about the movie.

    • Thanks for the tip. I've heard of it but never seen it. I will watch it! :)

  • 1. CASABLANCA: Timeless love story. Hard choice between doing what you want vs what's right.
    2. TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE: To show what greed can do to people.
    3. NORTH BY NORTHWEST: To watch the master of suspense at the top of his game, and Cary Grant giving one of the best performances.
    4. IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT: To see that people are not just black and white. There is goodness and badness in all of us, and we should all strive for goodness.
    5. MAGNOLIA: For a look at how messy life can get, and that we're not alone with all our problems and worries.

    • haven't seen one yet but you described at it's best. wanna watch all of movies ;)
      thanks for your valueable time

  • My ranking would be this:-
    1. The Departed: Martin Scorsese, Jack Nicholson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon and a very gripping plot that keeps you hooked from beginning till the end. Best movie ever if you ask me.

    2. Memento: Stellar direction by Christopher Nolan and his best work till date. The idea of movie playing in a chronological and reverse chronological order was brilliant.

    3. Pulp Fiction: Still hate to admit that I only watched in a year back.

    4. American Psycho: Bale's best performance till yet and what a performance.

    5. Fight Club: Because Tyler Durden :D
    Hon. Mentions: Trainspoitting, 21 Jump Street

    • wow wonderful choice...
      watched all ;)
      departed movie becomes interesting because of 2 people messing with each other... just like as in the "Face Off" movie
      as all are action movies I suggest you to watch:
      ( if you haven't )
      District B13
      Undisputed Collection
      Double Impact

  • 7 Samurai
    The Maltese Falcon
    Millers Crossing
    Apocalypse Now

    • 7 Samurai- widely considered the greatest Japanese film ever made.

      The Maltese Falcon- I beleave has more famous lines in it than any other film. And Peter Lorrie!

      Millers Crossing- amazingly written gangster film. A Cohan brother triumph.

      Apocalypse Now- an amazing film that was just as chaotic to film as it is a masterpiece.

      Delicatessen- a wonderful French film that really shows the artistry of filmmaking.

    • Sounds amazing as I saw only Apocalypse Now from the 5. I like french movies as you say it show some artistry in film making. I'd love to watch first ;)

  • The Scarlet and The Black
    The Dark Knight Trilogy (can that count as one? Just because of the overall story arc and they're all so intertwined with each other)
    A Man For All Seasons
    Clear and Present Danger
    Star Trek: First Contact

    • no, Trilogy can't be count as one ;)
      lol I just watched Batman series from your most favorites.
      what kinda if others is, are they Action movies?

  • 1) Inception
    2) the girl with the dragon tattoo
    3) pulp fiction
    4) Star wars
    5) Scarface

  • Kingdom of Heaven
    The Message
    Fahrenheit 9/11

    Can't think 2 more right now.

  • I can't recall it now. But i will mention them soon.

  • Schindler's List
    Redemption of Shawshank
    Forrest Gum
    The Silence of the Lamb

    • wow brilliant addition man...
      I just didn't saw Lamb movie but as I clearly see other's class then I can realize the standard of that one too :D
      thanks for the comment

    • but as you like Forrest Gum and Braveheart here then I wanna suggest you to watch "The Man Without a Face" Directed by Mel Gibson as he claimed that he didn't find the kinda actor that can play this role so as for the problem he had to do it and believe me he really did it in very unique way!

  • avengers 1
    avengers 2
    avengers 3/4
    THOR 1

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