I loverap music but why do they have to rap about the evilest things?

I like all kinds of music but I love rap music but why do they only rap about drugs sex and money. I don't know that kind of thing is what's cool. If so why can't they change the meaning of cool. I listen to the stuff knowing it doesn't hold any true weight but a lot of kids especially black kids take this as the truth. They see these garner fame and fortune. Then they are trained to only seek sex drugs and money for admiration. This is not cool and I may need to stop listening music even though I love it. they could find a million topics to rap about and if its a good song people will like it more than their typical topics like Wiz Khalifa see you again.


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  • Coz the world is too evil now ;) To survive this world you have to be street-smart and take a lot of crap from people who hate someone for who they are... sad truth :(
    It has become a custom to be involved in drugs, sex and money... All have one common denominator... materialistic pleasure that NEVER satisfies your soul... you want more and more and bang ; one day you feel empty like shit :(
    I feel ya brother, but this is how society revolves now... A pity.

    • Yeah man when you chase that kind of stuff you will never be satisfied. So they get you hooked on unnatainable things so people can never break free and so they can make money off of you forever

    • U r right. Especially innocent guys have a hard time in society. If the guy is shy/quiet people would view him as a guy with problems and dangerous. They don't fit the social norm which makes life difficult for them.

    • Yeah I feel youvim kind quiet people don't seem to do well with different

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  • i love rap too and kinda agree. sometimes it gets a little old, but ill never stop listening to it. haha!
    i guess thats just what people wanna hear, if they didn't want to hear it they wouldn't buy it. sooo... they make money and do what they love and we get what we want.
    there are lots of rapper who rap about other stuff tho. just depends on what you like, really.

    • I like the songs too but I feel like if the song was about better topics it would enhance them rather than make people not like the music but then again people that tried this same thing aren't doing as well

    • super true. its what people want to hear.
      and the people that dont like it because of what they say are hipocrites, because all types of music talks about a lot of the same stuff, just in a different way.
      who's ur fave rapper?

    • I don't really have a favorite probably Kanye, Lupe, and chance the rapper I used to like little Wayne

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  • It is a crazy world those rap guys live in