I don't really like americang girls vs girls I've met from other countries where's the best place to go and find a good girl?

I am not really feeling really any of the girls I meet. I feel its a battle between masculine and feminine and I want man and women to work together and not fight. I want to provide for my girl but girls seem overly materialistic. They want status over character. They have really high standards witch is fine but yet they don't have anything special about them. I don't really sleep around so I don't want my girl to do that either especially since she will raise my kids. I don't see any girls my age that would be a good mother. I also think foreign girls are hotter in general than American girls with having better character. Not all American girls are like this and I like them a lot better outside of the South. But the girls I meet are insecure and never give me a chance and are all about games and being manipulated. The only thing is im not white so I don't know if foreign girls like mixed guys but im jst thinking maybe the grass will be greener on the otherside.


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  • u r kinda young to think bout kids now don't u?
    anyway gals like dat u describe x-ist in every country basically... also don't ever think being non-white means u r doomed. most gals don't care much bout race bro. and if u still feel insecure bout it, then find some mixed-girl as well, if u believe u have more chances wid her

    • Im not insecure its more with how they think about not what I think about me but that's good to know I don't want kids anytime soon but I like a girl based on if she would be a good mother I think that's more sexy than looks if girls are like American girls everywhere im fucked

    • eh ok sayin all American gals r like dat's pretty generalisin...
      also being a "good mom" won't make her sexier, since this won't improve her looks... no?

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  • I would try the internet and talk to girls around the world then see if you like any girls from a particular country

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