University orientation was a complete flop. I'm looking for some cheering up?

I'm attending a local unversity in the fall and I completed my orientation over the weekend. It was a complete failure! Out of over a hundred kids I didn't make one friend.

First during the icebreaker the person in the middle had to name something they liked and if you liked it too you had to move to a new spot. When I was in the middle no one moved.

Next, my dorm roomy for the night left at first and then didn't speak to me once she came back or in the morning.

No one volunteerly sat by me and one guy even moved when I sat next to him.

Most the workshops/people were talking about living on campus, which I'm not doing, so I didn't feel like I fit in much.

I felt pretty dumb for other reasons too.


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  • Aww I'm sorry you had a bad time hun :/ I can definitely relate. During my freshman orientation for college, I didn't make many friends either. It sucked since I didn't live on campus, it's really hard to make good friends in college when you commute.

    Don't feel discouraged though, I'm sure once you start classes, you'll make friends. That's how it was for me. My orientation sucked but once classes actually started, I was able to make a few friends who I am still friends with today, 3 years later. Don't worry, you'll make friends, it may just take a little bit of time until you find someone you connect with. Keep your head up and don't let this situation turn you off from the college all together.

    Even if you don't live on campus, there are probably some groups/clubs you can join to meet people as well. Most colleges are full of opportunities to make friends :)

    • Yes, there were a few clubs I was looking into and thinking about volunteering and possibly working on campus too.

    • Yeah, I think doing something like that would be a great idea :)

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  • hey, chill we have all been there. When i went for my first job lol i was the youngest kid and that was the worst time of my life. Seniors treated me like i was an alien, the managers tried there best to avoid me and if i pitched an idea well they all laughed and looked at me in all sorts of weird ways
    the first month was hard but then i got to know everyone and they got to know me and those oldies are my buddies to date lol they often come to the kid they once considered immature and idiotic for advices so dont take it to your heart.
    Message me if you feel like talking, i would love to help you in any way i can

  • "No one volunteerly sat by me and one guy even moved when I sat next to him."<---- dat especially was really shitty and rude. was there any reason y he did this anyway?

    • Don't know. I sat down next to him and then shortly after he got up and moved to the seat in front of him to sit next to other people he didn't know either. I don't know. Maybe it was unintentional and he just wanted to be one row closer. Beats me.

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    • Yeah, I think a lot guys might think that way. Which kind of sucks cause it seems like guys make friends way easier than girls. If I try to make friends with guys they probably think it seems weird like something's up and if I try to make friends with girls, I don't know, they're like super judgmental and not that friendly.

    • -not at all... there r many shy guys around... and yeh unfortunately, if a gal befriends a guy, then he assumes automatically, she likes him more than a friend... most guys of course, not all
      -now bout gals being judgmental... hmmm... maybe thye might b jealous bout yer looks?

  • It will take a bit of time it was only the first weekend


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  • I say stop focusing on things that aren't happening and focus on the things that are! You're at college and you're starting a super exciting time in your life! If you see your roomie tomorrow ask her if she wants to go out or leave her a note with your number. Try to strike up conversation with new people and busy out the ice breakers!

    You can have a great time, you just have to get out a little more and not let yourself get down over little things :)

  • Hmm.. Sorry that happened.
    Things will probably get better when you start in the fall.
    Was that your roommate for just that night?
    Or is she your roommate for the whole academic year?
    The girl you were rooming with just probably didn't want to make friends and had her own who she went to see.
    I'd be like wtf to that dude that changed seats though.
    Other people are probably nervous too.

    • She was just a roommate for the night, I won't be living on campus I'll be commuting, but the orientation was a one time over night thing. Yeah, she probably wasn't looking to make friends, even though she called herself a "social-butterfly"... You're right other people were prob nervous too but I tried being welcoming. Smiled at people, said hi, etc.

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