In my opinion, what else should schools teach for life?

i think by college, they should teach parenting and child care (physcial and emotional needs of a child), finances (how to save or create wealth) and finally, how to deal with and overcome personal demons like jealousy, envy, self esteem issues, hate and self sabotage.

i feel soceity puts too much emphasis on just getting there, status, and image and promotes foolishness under coorporate/profit motives.


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  • Great point


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  • Those would be good classes for elementary school students and middle school students and high school students as well but the higher end education centres should focus on math and science.

    • i dont think you realise what is breaking soceity.

      are you really telling me elementary and highschool kids should leanr parenting as pre puberty/teens? and what makes you think young souls understand spiritual things?

      disagreed those are the critical ages. younger the better yes but parenting to elementary and highscool?

      i m not saying dont teach science but these are way more imporant in someones daily life. life is all about relationships.

    • I don't think they should teach parenting because then crazy people will start teaching our children that anal sex and oral sex are okay, normal. Its happening in Canada now. The lesbian premier is forcing 8 year old children to sit through sex education classes where they learn that oral sex and anal sex are normal.

    • "crazy people will start teaching anal sex" you're overthinking or assuming.

      there's a lot of pre marital mothers or teen mothers. its an issue that may be helped with proper education. kids of single mothers or unplanned children are significantly more likely to hurt others and themselves.

      i m Canadian from toronto. oh i heard about that but dont know too much about it...

      ok i think pre puberty is way too young. i agree it can lead to other issues. i first masturbated after wathing porn at 13-14 because i didn't know hwat sex was before.

  • Finances, and how to cook, do laundry and wash a fucking toilet

  • I agree with you!


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  • manners

    hands on skills

    how to create a community/village

    the negative effects of pop culture... technology... social media... etc...