Just wondering what American people think about french people?

i watched an American movie when i was young they comment in the last with something like "no offense to french people" i don't really remember the movie or the sentence exactly but in the movie an American girl lived in france and when she return to USA she did some troubles she was like EVIL lol
i saw another zombie movie i forgot the title there was a french zombie and when the girl heard him talking french she want just to drop him or something like that
there are another movie i don't know -_- my English was so bad so i don't understand but it's like American don't prefer french people i don't know just wondering
or am i just imagining cuz i wasn't good with English language
PS: i'm not french but i'm a curious girl


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  • If we use stereotypes
    Americans: The french are nothing but uptight fancy pants feminine people. They drop out of the second world war, punks
    The French : Americans are lazy , fat and stupid savages All they ever do is fight wars and be back country douche bags.
    These are not my beliefs but this is the most common thing I see in movies.


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  • French people are even more rude than Americans. That said, they've been our greatest allies more than once, so I am not going to talk too much shit about them.

  • It goes back to iraq war, the americans felt the french didn't support them fully when french supported sanctions over military action against Irag

    • Well if they did that then i'll be grateful cuz war killed children and women ,,, why should they support americans when they kill women and children -_-
      but i really thought that americans hate french cuz they are arrogant and boring and not spontaneous

    • They might have thought that but it all came to a boil during the iragi war they wanted to change french fries to freedom fries in fast food outlets

    • thank you about the information

  • Americans are pretty racist towards everybody else.

    • Well i can't say yes ,,, i 've always thought that frensh people maybe deserve that ,,,

  • I like the language a lot but then again I like all the Latin languages.


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