Fellow rock listeners, I need some new music. What are your favorite songs / bands?

The problem is that my family and friends listen to bands like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and all the latest pop -- or heaven forbid, rap. I can't really stand their music so I'm the one guy in my family who went to harder rock. I love anything from classic rock to metalcore. It is a bonus if it is challenging like Dream Theater because then it is fun to learn the instruments for it.

Currently, my favorite band is Bullet For My Valentine (Hand of Blood and Waking the Demon being my favorites), followed by Foo Fighters. Screaming is cool, as long as there is some clean vocals somewhere in it. If anyone has any good rock or metalcore songs, whether they be well known or not, would you please share them? It is difficult for me to find many good songs on my own. Thanks in advance!


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  • Really good album:

    • I've only listened to a few songs so far, but I can tell it is a good album like you said! Thanks! I probably would have never found this if you didn't mention it.

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    • Yep! I really like that album you put and I would've never found it on my own. It's the kind of thing I was looking for. Thanks!

    • So glad to hear it :) Remember stumbling upon it in a bargain bin back in '03 lol...

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  • Billy Talent, angels and airways, box car racer, blink 182, my chemical dance
    More on the punk side, but still pretty good music

    • Actually, at one point in my drumming practice, Travis Barker used to be my favorite drummer to play to. While old blink 182 was better in my opinion, they have some good songs from today too. Thanks for answering!

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    • That's awesome. I play guitar too along with bass and drums. I used to play clarinet, but I will never touch that awful thing again. I want to learn piano but I need to save up money to get myself one. by the way, was my chemical dance supposed to be my chemical romance? Because that band was my guilty pleasure band for awhile lol

    • Thanks! And that's so cool you're so well rounded with instruments. And yea sorry, autocorrect got me again 😂I like the song the black parade because iits such an anthem of a song
      Wow we have great music taste! 😜

  • Band of Skulls is good; I really like their song Death by Diamonds and Pearls. My music is more focused around Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, older Blink 182, older Escape the Fate, older Falling in Reverse, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, etc. I'm not much help sorry! But those may be some good bands to check out.

    • Thanks for responding! Anything helps. Band of Skulls is nice, but I can't get into that voice for Sleeping With Sirens.

    • Hahaha I feel that. Kellin's voice is quite unique xD

  • Classic rock. Poison, Guns N Roses, Journey, ACDC, etc.

    • The only one I didn't know was Poison. I actually am digging their sound though. Thanks for your response!

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    • I am checking out every band on here that I have not heard of before. I am always open to suggestions.

    • Boston, Asia, Queen, Whitesnake, Europe , Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Eagles, Saigon Kick, Cinderella, Rush... I'm sure there are more

  • Mainly classic rock, but maybe you'll find something you like anyways :)

    Eagles - Dirty Laundry

    The Rolling Stones - Jumpin Jack Flash

    Eric Clapton - Lay down Sally

    AC/DC - Highway to Hell

    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising

    Led Zeppelin - Black Dog

    Jethro Tull - Living in the Past

    • Thanks for your response! I actually am a huge Zeppelin fan already along with Jethro Tull. Cross Eyed Mary is one of my favorite. (Dat Jazz-Rock Flute) I could never get into Eric Clapton or The Eagles though.

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    • Ok, ok, ok... Maybe I like a little more of the Eagles than I initially thought. Huh, I didn't realize they made Life in The Fast Lane.

    • Ac Dc ftw!!!

  • Josh groban. He's rock yes?

    • Not trying to be a music snob here, but I would not consider him rock. He leans on opera-pop. Thanks for answering though!

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  • Put all these other suggestions on hold until you've explored the Cure. I have multiple reasons for saying this. :)

    Listen to "Fear of Ghosts," "Lovesong" (which was a huge hit), "The Kiss," "Primary." These might be the best gateway tracks for a young man such as yourself.

    After that explore the Smiths. Johnny Marr on guitar. Nuff said.

    • They do have their merits. But they are a bit too pop for my tastes.

    • Oh you don't know them if you think they're "pop."

  • Mudvayne, pantara, listen to pantara im broken or cowboys from hell, the u tube vid is awesome kick ass rock

    • Thanks a lot! I'm really loving the sound of Mudvayne. Pantera is pretty good too!

  • https://youtu.be/TFxxv2p-FYA

    Great new ballsy rock.. The song starts at 50 seconds if you want to skip the intro (but it's kind of interesting)


    This is in response to the Dream Theater comment. It's the project from their first keyboard player and the guitarist from Fates Warning.

  • Listen to mettallica and styx

  • Godsmack \m/

    • Thanks for answering! I never really heard of Godsmack, but I'm liking what I hear. What would you say are their best songs / album?

    • Try listening sick of life others like ac dc mutemath they are popular but this kid got some beat

  • It seems we have similar tastes.
    My favorites are
    Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold,
    Bullet for my Valentine, Janes Addiction, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, System of a Down, RED, Trading Yesterday, NOFX, blink-182 and Three Days Grace.

    • I knew most of these bands but I never heard of RED, Trading Yesterday, or NOFX before. I'm really liking the sound of RED and NOFX. Trading Yesterday reminds me a little of Breaking Benjamin actually. Thanks a lot!

    • No problem. I suggest you listen to Shattered by Trading Yesterday and Pieces by Red to start you off. Really amazing songs.
      You may also want to try The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus if you haven't done so yet.

    • Red Jumpsuit Apparatus reminds of a cheesy talent show act I got coerced into helping out with one year. I did the drums for Your Guardian Angel. We all had white v-neck t-shirts and jeans. Oh memories...

      But I'll have to make sure to listen to the other songs too

  • I love the Post hardcore sound so I'll point you in that direction. I The Mighty, Dance Gavin Dance, Hands like Houses, Pierce the Veil, Stolas, Hail the Sun, Alexisonfire and A lot like Birds. These bands are mostly in the same genre but are very unique and different sounds.

    • For metalcore I'm into Asking Alexandria, Woe Is Me, Issues. Oh and if you like Jrock then check out Ling Tosite Sigure , UVERworld, ROOKIEZ is PUNK'D, and Maximum The Hormone

    • UVERworld ftw! I love that band. They have a lot of fun drum songs to play with.

  • Imagine Dragons and Coldplay

    • I would still consider Imagine Dragons and Coldplay to be pretty pop. Thanks for answering though!

    • They are technically alternative rock :P

      Also try the classics like Creedence Clearwater Revival.

    • Also try Sum 41

  • Disturbed
    Demon Hunter
    Linkin Park
    Papa Roach
    Rise Against
    Motionless in White
    Asking Alexandria

    Something like that maybe.

    • Asking Alexandria, Motionless in White, and Demon Hunter are ones I've never heard of before. I have to say that I really really like Asking Alexandria's sound from what I've heard so far. Motionless in White sounds a bit odd on first impression, but Demon Hunter sounds pretty good. Thanks for answering!

  • Boston-cool the engines