What is the correct term for "S'Poling"?

If any of you are CJ students who actually studied this stuff in college, you could make it make more sense. I'm a sci-fi writer, not an expert on law enforcement.

But I was wondering if what is described as "S'Poling" in Gerosha Chronicles mythos has another name in real life. Here's the scenario:

Dolly is a magnet for trouble. She doesn't go looking for it, but it finds her. She gets placed on probation over some crime that she was clearly framed for. She has a tether on her ankle.

Then, one day, her "safe GPS range" on her tether is set to "South Pole" by her officer without her foreknowledge or consent. She is at home, but it goes red, like Shia LeBeouf's in "Disturbia." Outside of literally teleporting to the South Pole, that light won't go green again anywhere.

She isn't particularly suspected of any additional crimes, they simply want to take her in and don't want her to have the option to enter a safe zone and avoid arrest. So they make it impossible for her to have a safe zone.

Therefore, she's "South Pole'd," or "S'Pole'd." I realize it's a futuristic fantasy, and that such a practice in real life would be considered insanely corrupt, even bordering on kidnapping. Even so... is there a real-life equivalent to "S'Poling," and have there ever been documented real instances of it? When I write about this trope on the wiki, I want to write credibly. I appreciate any insight you can give me on the subject.


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  • South poled.

    • So what you're saying is, there is no established real-life term? I invented a new trope? I was hoping to talk to someone who actually understands the technology and protocols. Artistic license is always better when you know what your vision is deviating from. I've seen several Disney movies that play fast-and-loose with this stuff. I want my own works to be written a little smarter and more believably.

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