Was this whole thing planned?

So I met this guy and girl. I was being friendly to the guy, the girl seemed to have some kind of problem with me.

Anyways, I remember I didn't go to my orientation, and suddenly those two had become friends after I returned. I'm thinking the girl pounced on the opportunity to get closer to him.

The guy was acting so weird. Staring at me with resting bitch face, he just looked so bloody annoyed that I was here.

They were both peers of mine at University.

I know the girl wanted me gone. She wanted him to herself and all the attention, but I don't get why the guy also started being rude. Was he more interested in getting me out of the way, or just thought he could make me jealous? I think he was not interested in me, but couldn't understand why I didn't like him.


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  • you bet it was

    • By both of them, or just the girl?

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    • oh I c its his fault

    • So it wasn't planned? I'm confused which one of them was the slimy weasel out of the two

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  • She probably told him some lie about you to turn him against you or maybe she overly exaggerated how angry at him she was for associating with you and then he blamed you for creating a rift in their relationship.