What are 10 things that your most sick of and 10 things that make you extremely happy?

So I have a lot going through my mind and normally I come on gag during those times so
What 10 things are you sick of and what 10 things make you most happy?


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  • Ten things make me sick.

    1.) Selfish people
    2.) Judgmental people
    3.) News with lies and sadness
    4.) People who can be haters
    5.) Family drama
    6.) Celebrities with drama life's
    7.) The USA involved in war
    8.) Young people struggle in life
    is sad
    9.) Parents whose abusive
    10.) Hunger in poor countries

    Ten things make me Happy

    1.) People who are givers
    2.) People who accept others
    3.) Loving and caring people
    4.) People with a loving heart
    5.) No family drama
    6.) No more war in America
    7.) Parents who are loving
    8.) No more hunger in poor countries
    9.) Less sickness in the world
    10.) My dog makes me happy


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  • Sick of :
    1. Caitlyn Jenner
    2. Game of thrones (I never got into it)
    3. Guys claiming you "friend zoned" them when you simply reject them due to lack of attraction.
    4. The kardashians
    5. Waiting for my exam results
    6. Every single thing being a feminism issue. God dammit feminism isn't about who opens the door for who and who can dress in what clothes. Just because you can't classify the cause of a issue doesn't mean it's because of feminism. That seems to be the default answer these days.
    7. The cold weather (it's winter here)

    can't think of anything else right now ^^

    Things that make me happy:
    1. Being with my crush/ex. We still see each other. Things are a bit complicated.
    2. Hanging out with my friends
    3. My mom
    4. My tortoise
    5. That feeling after a good workout
    6. Good music
    7. Playing League of Legends with my guy friends
    8. Spending the day in bed reading
    9. Being in nature
    10. Going for a massage or just getting pampered.