Why didn't David Sweat make it to the Canadian border after all this time?

He had over 3 weeks to get there! Once he made it across he could've hitchiked his way up to the arctic circle. Maybe he could've started a new life somewhere up there in Yellowknife or something :/ I feel bad. It's not right. He deserves another chance at a life not to be caged up and rotting away.


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  • What i dont get is why he was trying to get ro Canada. Did he think Canada wouldn't extradite to us if he made it there? If i were him i would have been heading to mexico.

    • Much farther and probably harder to get across?

      If he made it to Canada he could go far north

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    • he's not really free is he has to hide alone 24/7 and not be able to trust anyone and basically scavenge for supplies the rest of his life.

    • No one will know who he is in some remote town. Can have a life there

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  • When you are in hiding it is much harder to cover distance without transport or money

    • Head north, stay off the roads... if you look at a map there is no way it should have taken anyone over 3 weeks to make it to Canada. I could've done it in a few days easily.

  • if u commit a crime u'll b found sooner or later bro