Thought I got my period, but?

So, I had this dream I asked out the guy I like to the movies with friends and he said yes. We went to the movies and he didn't seem interested in me. Then after the movie, we sit at a table in the cinema (its a big one that has a balcony.) a creepy guy who is kind of my friend attempts to kiss ne while im sitting on this median sized stable stool, so I push him away from me, and I fall on my crushes lap behind me. I apologize so much and then see the creepy guy is sittig in my stool. I ask him to move but he won't and there aren't anymore chairs. I am a bit sad, but my crush says nothing, just grabs my hips and lifts me on his lap in the cutest way. I look at him flatered. He touches the edging at the bottom of my shorts. I ask him if I can hug him, and he accepts. I have never felt so comfortable in my life, my head resting on his chest. I apologize for always being so shy and hesays its okay because he is the same way. I continue to rest on him.

I begin to wake up from my dream, and I feel so wet, the type of wet i feel when I wake up to my period. I thought, oh damn here it comes. I then go to the washroom to see no blood, but just wetness (wont go into detail.)

Did I get so turned on by my crush just by hugging him in a dream? I never felt so happy and complete in my life, but I didn't think I would get so wet.

What just happened?

P. s. does this dream have any meaning? This is the second dream I have had of my crush in two days. I have had about fifteen or so dreamsabout him in two years, why did I have two in a row about him liking me?


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  • You had a wet dream. That's normal. When you dream your brain organizes its thoughts and experiences it has accumulated from you being awake and consciece (de fragmenting). Your brain does this so as to neatly store and and make space for new learning. So anyhow, your brain organized into a manner that indicates what you want your crush to do and how you see that creepy guy treating you. It was that much better for you because what you wanted became leaving your scary conflict a thing to forget.

    • Send me the annonomys tip to secured lynx. I will find out, if so turn him into you anonymously or cure your feelings of crush before its to late. They are known as crushes because of the feeling you get when you see him without you. Your dreams will make this worse if certain things happen.

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    • Don't forget what will happen if you miss the last bus because your parents don't know. They will think you are abducted.

    • When should I ask? I will make him meet me halfway don't worry haha. And I won't miss it! 😊

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  • it's a nocturnal emission AKA a wet dream

    does the dream have meaning? pretty much just means that you really like this guy

    • Well it is my second year liking him. I tries to get over him hundreds of times bc I never thought he would like me but it never worked. I still don't know if he dies and its driving me insane tbh

  • Sounds like a wet dream to me

  • Its called a wet dream. Us guys have them sometimes too.

    • Just from hugging my crush? I know it felt beautiful to hug him and nuzzle my face into his chest but I didn't think that could get me that wet

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    • Well thank you for letting me know!

    • You're welcome hun have a nice day.

  • a wet dream pretty normal

    • But just from hugging someone I like? Its crazy how that could happen

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