80s music poll: Favorite album by Nik Kershaw/Re-Flex/Japan?

Nik Kershaw was very big during da 80s as a solo-artists releasing multiple hits. His debut album was really gr8 (every song of this album could b a hit on its own actually)…Radio Musicola was really good as well.

Re-Flex were an 1 album band, yet they had lots of unreleased material, released unofficially much later. They were 1-hit wonders (their hit “Politics Of Dancing” was a big hit back then) but I’d say they r a cult band mostly, since they release albums/songs for their fans mostly. I’d pick their album “The Politics Of Dancing” among this list if I had 2 choose :D

Japan were a band who pretty much defined New Romantic sound, bands like Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet, during their early years. Their 1979 album “Quiet Life” was really good, but their 2 80s albums were not as good as this though.

  • Human Racing (Nik Kershaw)
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  • The Riddle (Nik Kershaw)
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  • Radio Musicola (Nik Kershaw)
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  • The Works (Nik Kershaw)
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  • The Politics Of Dancing (Re-Flex)
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  • Gentlemen Take Polaroids (Japan)
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  • Tin Drum (Japan)
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  • I only knew Nik and I was a big fan. Although Human Racing had some really good songs but I think overall The Riddle was the best.


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  • Oh my I never heard of them 😥

    • Really? Nik Kershaw was really popular

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