Is there anyone else on here who is from Kurdistan?

It would be cool to see other people from Kurdistan on here or any other Kurds.


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  • Never heard of it.

    • Geographically contiguous region in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran where the majority of the population is ethnically Kurdish. In Iraq, they have a governing authority separate from Baghdad known as the KRG. They have their own unique language, with its own dialects, and a culture distinct from their neighbors. There are internal political divisions, with the PUK and KDP being the main players in Iraqi Kurdistan, the PYG in Syria (their armed wing, the YPG, or People's Protection Units, has remained neutral in the civil war between Assad and the Free Syrian Army, but has been one of the most successful factions fighting against the Islamic State terror group), and the PKK in Turkey.

      Numbering at around 35 million, the Kurds are considered the world's largest stateless group. The Sykes-Picot treaty pretty much ignored the makeup of the populations it was carving up into new nation-states at the end of World War 1.

    • Wow man you really know your stuff! @khaskins

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  • Destroy the shit out of ISIS!

    • Thanks dude we already are fighting them

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    • Agreed bro! I live in South Africa its common knowledge here already that ISIS cells are operating. Our government dont give a shit about it because they are too busy plundering the economy. Shit is going to get tough in the near future. But ay that is what men are made for to stand up.

    • Yeah I hear you that's so true the Kurdish women are fighting too us Kurds don't like tot take shit from anybody.

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  • I haven't seen one yet weirdest for me was someone from Turkestan but I don't know if she was telling truth or not