Anybody from USA? Please help?

Im 23, and from mumbai, india. I have completed UG in engineering. I dont have a good score in it. I have a very low percentage in my UG. my uncle is presently working in USA, in new york. I wanna go there and get a job. What kind of job will I get? I also want to know about the jobs which are non engineering.


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  • Assuming you have no problem getting a permanent resident status then your option would be... problematic at best. Work experience matters a lot for job applicants. Having 2-3 years of experience on the field would net you a fair bit of options but when you have none and the economy is recovering then your options will be slim.

    Check something like Monster. com to see what's available in the area you want to stay.

    I'm a Canadian and in Canada we have something called the work bank which has more real jobs rather than ads. I'm not sure if there is something similar in the US. Here is the address in case you are wondering.

    • Are bad grades in graduation a problem for getting jobs? I dont have any idea about it. What kind of courses can I study to get a job easily?

    • Bad grades usually make it really hard to get jobs unless you can somehow power through with more experiences. Any experience matter. The more you have on the field they are interested in the better.

      Majors and University Name matter more than courses since nobody know those courses you studied. If you're fresh out of university then grades and your majors and University matter a fair bit. After 2-5 years out of university then experiences matter a whole lot more. Having at least 2 years of experience when you are looking for a job is a huge advantage.

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  • In the USA it's easy to start a business, but hard to STAY in business. So you can always try your hand at being an entrepreneur.

    But otherwise, education aside, you can usually get into a factory or otherwise be a cog in someone else's machine for $12/hr somewhere and have basic benefits.

    What kind of job you get is up to you. It's not like you get assigned jobs. You apply at places, and they either hire you or they don't. So you may have a hard time getting a prestigious job, but McDonalds is always looking for people.

    If you need money now, and can't rely on your chosen field, go into industry. If you can show your employer that you have an engineering degree, you may even be able to move up in the company, and maybe work as a process engineer or program robots or PLCs.

    But what kind of engineer are you? Electrical? Mechanical? Industrial?

    • Electronic engineer. But im not that intelligent. I have bad grades

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  • You can't get a job with bad grades, no citizenship

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