What do you think of people trying to ID as another gender or race?

I wanna hear logical explanations about why you think you can or can't choose to ID as a different race or gender.

  • You can't say I ID with (blank) gender or race and change what you were to begin with
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  • You can ID with another race or gender and be that race or gender (please logically explain why)
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  • I agree you can say i ID with another gender and be considered that gender ( please explain)
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  • I agree you can say I ID with another race and then be that race (please explain)
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Obviously they won't physically change but they expect to be treated and looked at the same as the race and gender they say they ID as.


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  • There is no intelligent, legitimate correlation between the two. Being transracial does not exist and it is simply a ridiculous, outrageous concept created by white privilege. White people are the only ethnicity of people who can go around claiming that they are ‘transracial’. A black person who is racially profiled can’t just turn around and successfully say “But you don’t understand: I’M ASIAN! I am an Asian trapped in a Black person’s body! I have felt so passionate and influenced by Asian culture for YEARS: I’M AN Asian TRANSRACIAL.” A Mexican whom someone just called a sp*c and insulted as an illegal immigrant can’t just say “But you don’t get it: I’M WHITE. I’m a white transracial and I have ALWAYS felt like a white person deep down inside. I identify with white culture therefore, ignore what I look like and treat me as some intangible product of white culture.” An Arab can’t just explain to another Arab who approaches them speaking the language, “I’m actually East Indian. I may look Arab and have grown up submerged in Arab culture, but deep down I’m an Indian girl who loves vibrant clothing and Bollywood.” -_- THEY’D LOOK ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.
    White people are the only ones who are culturally insensitive and ridiculous enough to go around saying that they are “transracial” as if it’s a real thing. Any other group of people are addressed as the ethnic group they were born into no matter what.

    “Transraciality” is a product of white privilege.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I am African American;however, not ALL my ancestors are which is okay. Although, I do think that I am African American and I choose that to be my primary ethnicity. If someone doesn't oh well.

    • If you are at least 3/4 black, your black. Same goes for any race. Half your more mixed race, but you can usually choose to ID with one that describes you the most if you dont claim mixed or both of them.

      Im talking about full blooded white people saying I ID as black, so now they think theyre black. Or the other races doing that.

      And people who are born male or female saying they ID as the other sex, and so they think society and everyone should look at them that way and treat them that way, "without" a sex change, A sex change is more complicated and it sounds harsh but its not up to the transexual to determine if people should look at them or treat them as the opposite sex. Its up to the individual person to decide whether or not the transexual is considered a girl or a guy. Cuz physically/genetically you are what you were born as, no matter what surgery you get. So a guy kissing a girl who was a transexual is usually looked at as kissing and hooking up with a guy. But if theyre

    • Okay with that then, there's nothing wrong with it. But they expect everyone to think like that.

    • *cant expect everyone

  • Maybe they're ashamed of who they are

  • It's completely moronic. People have loved others cultures for generations and that's it. A love and appreciation for a culture doesn't mean you're that culture.

    • They used to just call those white girls like Rachel Dolezal a wigga... what happened to wigga? Now it's identifying with another race or trans racial or some crap lmfao

What Guys Said 6

  • Because its effing stupid!.
    So what, Im a white guy and i say 'I identify as black'... okay... good for me? nothing has changed except now im dilusional about my skin colour...
    Identifying as a different race dosen't change the person, Thus making it completely stupid and pointless.

  • I identify as a cucumber.

  • That is really hard to do no matter what you do people will see the colour of your skin first

  • you can't change what you are, no matter how confused you are

  • Im trying to ID with an elegant. Can I?

    • Elefant... stupid auto correct...

  • thats physically impossible

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