Umm... Were they talking about me?

This guy I know was texting his friend who was also in class but his friend was sitting in the back and he was in the front.

He raised his eyebrow at his friend like this

Umm... Were they talking about me?

Then he raised his head and kind of nodded towards me Kinda like this

and his friend smiled at him and then his friend looked at me?

What do you think they said? Do you think they were talking about me?

(click the links. It's supposed to be two gifs)

  • Yeah they were talking about you and it's probably something good
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  • Yeah they were talking about you but it's probably something bad
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  • No they weren't talking about you
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I am sure they were talking about you. It probably went like this:
    Bob: Lets make a girl nervous.
    Lets do that one.
    Tony: Okay, lets do it.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah maybe option A alright


What Girls Said 3

  • i voted A! yes they were

  • Yes they were.

    • Do you think it was good or bad?

  • Lol loving the gifs but no, I don't think so

    • Oh ok why did they look at me then

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