Would you support real-life S'Poling technology? Why or why not?

The article on what S'Poling is is here: https://dozerfleet.wikia.com/wiki/S%27Poling

Basically put, it's a proposed aggressive upgrade to the ankle monitoring technology currently used on criminals, but has some serious potential for political abuse.

Would you support or condemn this sort of upgrade if used on ordinary suspects? Why would it be great (or terrible) to take this comic book tech and make it real?

Results of this poll will be used for research and mentioned on the article itself.

  • I can think of a few who might deserve this treatment...
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  • No way! This is tyranny!
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  • It could be useful.
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  • I support it.

    • Fair enough, but why? And how would you ensure that the feature isn't abused?

      This was meant to be a conversation starter about human rights versus the potential of technology.

      Plus, trying to explain why crooked pseudomarriage can never equal real love or real marriage to today's Nazi-propaganda-brainwashed moonbats is like talking to a brick wall - booby trapped with poison darts.

      So I'm hoping to start a conversation about something else for a change, something that doesn't revolve around sex, and see if I can get anyone interested.

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