Dreams: do you dream in coulours, do you speak foreign languages?

It happens that I dream in colours. I'm sure about it because the colours of my dreams are different of the colours of the real things (last I dreamed my car was blue although in reality it is a white one).

Sometimes I speak foreign languages in my dreams. I'm a native flemish but when I dream about my family in Germany or the family in Spain I use the german and german language.

What about you?

  • I'm sure I dreamed in colours
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  • I don't remember I dreamed in colours
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  • I can speak foreign language (s) in my dreams
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  • I don't remember to speak foreign languages in my dreams.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I do see things in dreams like I do in real life, so I am not colorblind at all. I can speak English in my dreams if it comes to that, no other foreign language. Please note that English is a foreign language to me, even if it doesn't seem like it.


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  • I dream like I am part of a story - I usually see it from my point of view

  • I get weird dreams... like middle earth or fantasy land kinds!!! but not like yours!!!

  • I dream purple mostly. Strange

  • Last night I had a dream and someone started to speak Chinese!


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