What have you always wanted? Did you ever get it?

Question says its all :D So lets hear it... what was it?


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  • - a boyfriend whose also my bestfriend & yes i ended up getting the one. 😍
    - a dog & no, i ended up with a toy dog as a present :(
    - a car & no its still getting made by the transformers. 🐝

    • 1. Its pretty even though, I got a Girlfriend who's both my Friend, my Bestfriend, my Girlfriend, my Life, and my Love <3 I'm the lucky on here :*

      2. Hahahahaha that was priceless :") I love your parents sooo much :") I'm taking advice from your dad from now on, he's my role model :")

      3. Bahaha goood!!! Cause your never driving if I can help it 0_0 I've seen you behind the wheel... :L haha <3

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    • in this... it is too late.
      soz not soz :D <3

    • But but... :'( I can change this >:D
      Oh not sorry huh >:D Well... we'll see about that >:D Wait till I get my hands on you Woman >:D hahahah :") <3

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  • I've always wanted..
    1. To see my family a little happier
    2. To drive a sports car in a street race
    3. To help people out and see people genuinely happy.
    4. To swim in the ocean
    5. To see snow ( after only one memory of it)
    I moved to Washington (state) :) so hopefully I'll see some flakes. I'm still working on the others though..

    • Oh wow, go for it!!! All of those are more than achieveable :) Some more easier than others but none the less, thats more than reachable :D Just be safe on the roads, swim in a pool first, don't dive into snow and you should be fine haha :)

  • I've always wanted a dog ❤ And nope.

    • oooo love dogs :D
      Ohh why not?

    • I have cats, mom won't let us have a dog xD
      But I defo will have a dog in the future, so it's all good, can't wait! ^.^

    • oh right, yeah, not the ideal mix to have the two nemisis's in the house
      Haha yeah, go for it :D Their great to have :D

  • The guy I like... Working on it

    • Well that's good to hear :) Thats all you can do I guess, try your best and hope it works out huh :) Best of luck

    • Yeah, his friends are tagging him in my pictures and talking about him all the time, and he seems a bit more interested in me. I hope I can talk to him more this summer. And thank you! 😊

    • That's almost a given haha, just play it safe though and don't be too hasty and it'll be alright :) and hey, no worries, best of wishes

  • • a new car, I'm technically car-less right now and my best friend doesn't know how to drive -.- still waiting for my dad to say yes
    • my best friend = my boyfriend; yeah, got this one
    • to travel the world (alone/with my best friend), wouldn't say I've achieved it yet, but still in the progress
    • to live on my own and not with my parents, got this too
    • road trip around Australia, planning this right now with my best friends
    • my parents to be proud of me, especially my dad; got this too


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  • I always wanted to be a pilot...
    And though my color blindness did not allow to make it my job, I realized my dream and obtained a private pilots licence about 10 years back :D
    Of course, other wishes like me and my relatives staying healthy until age 85 or so, will not be that easy to realize :o

    • I'm happy to hear that that dream can true in one way that you possibly did not anticipate, mate, dreams that are realised are always the greatest :D
      And yes, I share that as well, I hope that one comes true for you Bud

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    • Yeah I know... you're both very nice people... the day I'm in Australia we'll have coffee :D

    • Sounds good Buddy, yeah, sounds like a plan, mate :D

  • Contentment in life - I am working on it

    • Fair enough, mate, a wise answer to who I suspect is a wise man indeed. I hope you find it one day :)

  • When I was 10 I wanted this one particular radio control car.
    My aunt and uncle asked me what I wanted for Christmas that
    yr so I mentioned it. I was shocked to see I got it. Now I
    just want a solid Gold Rolex Submariner lol.

    • Damnnnn!!! Well wishes do come true Bud :D
      Woahh, that ain't cheap at all, but nothing to say you can't get it, just chase it Bud :D

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    • Well maybe to you but I'm sick of being Mr. Nice guy and being treated
      like crap.

    • Fair enough Bud, see how it goes, there's always a right and always a wrong and the hardest decision in any mans life is whether to give up or to perservere regardless

  • Always wanted a lamborgini and am still chasing it :p

  • Love and I never got it

    • That's alright, mate, things come to those who wait, just don't give up

  • I wanted to know why my wife left me

    • Oh mate :L That's terrible
      Ever find out Bud?

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