What do you think of this (Prince Charles and Lady Diana)?

What do you think of this (Prince Charles and Lady Diana)?
Perhaps Lady Diana's behaviour was not without flaws, but at least they should have given her what belongs to her, namely that she was a very beautiful woman.
On the coin however they made prince Charles (the queen's son) look prettier than Lady Diana. OMG, prince Charles looks like a postman, an ordinary dog, nothing more. Princess Diana on the other hand looks unattractive and almost ugly.
This is what biased means, what prefential treatment looks like.
It's unfair, and above all untrue.

What do you think? Do you agree with me?

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  • It's so sad she met a frog instead of a prince. He certainly wasn't Prince Charming after all. In reality , he looks more like a troll from the Goonies movie. While she was so beautiful

    • Well I don't go that far in describing Price Charles, but it struck me as particular unfair this coin.

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    • hahaha, I dont' know about that.

    • Lol!! 👍👍

What Guys Said 1

  • They both look nothing like their real life images but I don't really care not a royalist.