With gay marriage legal now I wonder how feminists feel now?

i was reading this...


on reddit and it really inspired me to ask this question. i mean isn't it ironic how feminists use to team up with the gay community because they too felt oppressed by society. but since life is a bitch after all today the gays got what they wanted yet feminists still look like they are gonna have to try harder and harder on getting what they really want.

but then again do you think feminists are now gonna target gays as much as they target men out of jealousy?


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  • Because it was "politically correct". Modern day feminism is more or less about crying, whining, and complaining until they get it their way. They don't want equality, they want to oppress men. Seems they think they can get "revenge" for history.

    Don't be mistaken, most feminists does NOT promote equality, and does NOT bother with men's problems. And the facts they spew over and over again (70 cents per dollar, made up rape statistics) are proven WRONG over and over again.


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  • Why would I feel like I have a harder time getting what I want? I'm happy with my life and the opportunities I have. I can't ask for more. Just cause I'm a feminist doesn't mean by default I think I should get more. In most western countries feminism has fulfilled its role and now it's time to head over to third world countries. I'm happy about gay people being able to marry and I don't see why I'd want to target anyone be it males or gay people.

    • Yes, it does mean that by default, it's in the name itself. You don't believe in actual equality or you'd call it that.

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    • You're not helping my point. You're the other extreme here. Nobody has an excuse for using dismissive attitudes towards other people. That's the kind of crap that is holding us all back, both sides think they're too fucking good to listen to someone else or explain themselves

    • i met inside a feminist @M_A_X. doing that would definitely hold us back since all feminists want to do is milk our life away by marrying us to later divorce us and take our hard earned belongings, take full custody of our children, put them against us, ruin our image, etc. what's the point of reasoning with these type of people?

  • I'm incredibly happy that the US has legalized same sex marriage (it's been legal in my own country for about 10 years now). That said, there are still areas where LGBT people don't have equal rights, and they still face a lot of homophobia and transphobia.

    I don't really understand your question though. I have no idea why the legalization of same sex marriage in the US would change how I feel (other than it making me happy), and I have no idea why I would target gay people for any reason? Also, I don't target men (not out of jealousy, nor any other reason).

  • I'm a feminist and I am happy. It was about time.
    Feel free to down vote xx

    • No reason to down vote, everyone has the right to an opinion and people should know that opinions are gonna differentiate

    • @GotTheseMitts it does not matter how positive a message I write just saying I am a feminist warrants a ton down votes on this site.

    • Well... if people down vote for the simple fact of being a femanibe than that's some ignorant sh*t

  • i don't see why they would change their stance just because this happened


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  • What else did you expect from a fascist movement?

  • Feminists do not have collective feeling about it, and no I don't think gays are going to be targeted by feminists as being gay.

    Feminism is about political power and privileges, nothing more or less, has nothing to do with what most women say or what wiki defines it as. Feminism is a political ideology like fascism and communism, and they try to introduce discriminatory legislation in order to give white privileged women more privileges over white privileged men. They don't care for non white women in non western countries, nor about actually inequality.

    They don't want more women in the construction business or the police force or army, but they do want more women in position of power and privileges like congress or in private company boards or as professors or other prestigious and high paying jobs.

  • The gay community is still dealing with various things... I mean Texas is making it so the church has the right to refuse gay marriage because it violates the 1st amendment... how long till others follow suit

    • Seeing as how a church is a BELIEF, i find it perfectly okay that they can deny it.
      Forcing the church to wed them would be like forcing muslims to marry them.

      You can now legally marry, just go to the fuucking courthouse! Let each religious beleif decide what kind of cremonies they want to perform. After all, they are NO part of the state, and should have the right to decide!

    • The way I see it is like this. It is legal to buy and sell guns. But I can't walk over to my neighbor's house, bang on his door, and DEMAND he sells me his gun for a very cheap price. If they want to get married they can go to the courthouse. As much as they bitch about Christianity I don't know why they think getting married in a Church is such a great idea anyway. I think it's mostly about playing the victim and shaming Christians.

    • Actually the Texas GA is saying the clerks have the right to refuse a marriage license as well... doesn't just pertain to churches...

  • I think most feminists are happy for the gays and any alliances made in the past will stay in place

  • Feminists have been openly supporting LGBT because they love political correctness and liberalism. Yet I've noticed a lot of them will call me homophobic slurs such as faggot when I tell them I won't date or fuck them.