Dancing like this: Chea or Nah?

I wanted to learn this a minute ago but realized that I'm not some muzza who goes to festivals hopped up on E and I proper can't stand EDM for more than 2 songs without wanting to shoot myself in the face with a stapler gun so that I don't die and can understand how wrong I was for listening to it and then people will call me stapleface and some people will say I'm appropriating Indian culture because it looks like a bindi and I will be called a racist and a culture theif even though they're the ones who assumed things but good luck telling them that when they're so high up on their pedestal of social justice I just misspelled social as solia and I didn't know that was an actual word so I'm going to look it up right now and i don't speak Spanish so i'll never use this word again *SJW BREAKS IN* "WOW CULTURE APPROPRIATION GET YOUR OWN CULTURE WHITE CIS MALE" *I get fed up and throw a burrito at them and it lands in their mouth* I can feel the tears run down their face as they enjoy someone else's food and burst into a rainbow patterned firework without a bang because the bang could trigger someone I need to stop making these questions so long with no punctuation but try and stop me you couldn't stop me if you were me because then i'd be you and i'd stop you from stopping me.


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  • Um... lol, I have no idea what Chea is


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  • I like it.


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