A feminist challenge, are to up to the challenge?

Can one of you who claim to be a feminist, please mention one pace of legislation in the USA or in any EU country, which is discriminatory towards women?

I don’t care about the non-legislation issues, I am only caring about actually discriminatory laws still in existence.

So far I see that feminists haven't been up to the challenge, they cry-out loudly enough, but can't deal with the cruel facts - any inequality left, is not done by law but by social structures you can't legislate about.
Making feminism as a political movement in the western world, redundant.


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  • if there's no reason for feminism, then why do you care or need to challenge anyone. pretty redundant.

    • Because a political movement need a reason to exist, and I claim there is non for feminist activists since there is no discrimination against women in the laws of civilised nations in 2015.

  • Uhm. I want gender equality for ALL humans. Not only in the United States and in EU-countries.

    • Me too, but that's not really my question :)

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  • I'm an antifeminist, but I think I can knock this out no problem.

    There was a law (that strikes me as unconstitutional), that was forcing women to get ultrasounds before getting abortions. In the strictest sense of the word, that's discriminatory because only women would be subjected to that law.

    Wouldn't it be ironic that an antifeminist knows more about feminism than the feminists do?

    • Yeah men should totally get those as well before having an abortion!

    • That's no related to gender but the specific issues, however I must agree a ultrasound is totally irrelevant when having an abortion.

  • The equality laws are in place, it is just society has not caught up

    • Well that makes feminism as a political movement redundant, don't you think?

      Society can't be changed by laws, unless you want a fascist/Marxist society, that controls free thought and free will.

  • one of the biggest issues is to do with wages. you can't make a law about that. companies can simply give you another job title and therefore a different salary. no law can do anything about that, its a society thing

    • Only legislation is of any interest, since private issues is not really anything the law can do anything about.

      Attractive people also discriminated against unattractive people when dating, but it's has no relevance for a political movement since it's about personal freedom and preferences.

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    • @OnionsNstuff

      Yes but feminist do not accept that very same economics principal, when it comes to business where male attribute count more, like sacrificing family time for career prospects.

      Then they cry patriarchy and demand affricative action, like 40% of women in private company boards.


    • i never implied i disagree with that

      women get pregnant and are gone for months. if i ran a company i would also prefer to hire men, or at least pay them more. they are more reliable

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