What's better - citizen or Casio watches?

Which is the better brand and why?

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  • Depends on what you want, really.

    If you want a digital, then go with Casio since it's a tech company and that's what they specialize in.

    If you want quartz, then go with Citizen - their Eco-drive line is overall superior to most quartz you will ever find, especially in terms of accuracy.

    If you want autos, then go with Seiko. They have a very wide selection, and you can go from the more affordable stuff to really high-end ones.

    • I've had accuracy problems with seiko automatics.

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    • It goes forward an hour in the space of a month.

    • Wow, mine was not nearly as bad.

      Well you can't really get any more accurate than with digitals, so perhaps just go with Casio. I just personally really don't like those though. X) I've seen Casio Edifice being compared with Citizen Eco-drive - they're pretty much on the same level field.

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  • Casio I guess :)

  • Casio for sure.


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