Has anyone have done an online course? Have you been through a web cam exam (proctoring)? What happens?

On my final exam for each subject requires a web cam (proctoring). What do they expect from you? No looking away from the screen or make any weird noises (like using another computer to look up answers)? I'm taking a biology subject. Its all multiple choice. So its a lot easier doing the exam. Also can they see whats on the screen? Or just me and what the camera sees.
Mum said they doing the web cam to make sure you're not gettig someone else do the exam.

  • Just making sure you're the right person doing the exam and there's no one else with you
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  • Sees/hears everything including the computer screen
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  • Don't panic, can still cheat.
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  • Good Luck Mate
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  • I've never taken an online course before but I've taken online tests and exams, they don't force us to go on webcam display so there is no way to make sure we don't open up other web browsers to look for answers, they expect that and accept it for what it is.

    I've never heard of an online course requiring webcams, that's a little too much. but if you found one like that then damn, that's strict lol. and no they can't look at what you're doing on your computer, its your own PC.

    • its a college subject?
      okay i thought so about them not being able to see whats on my screen. I have a word document i want to stay open during the exam. it has all the questions from the previous 13 exams. in case i get the same question again.

    • it was for college yes.

      unless someone is sitting right next to you making sure you don't use any notes then there is nothing they can do to stop you from doing so.

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