Why do you think "Hollywood" always shows the arabs as the "bad" people?


  • i think arabs are the bad people for real
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  • it's all political.. for some political reasons
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  • i don't think so/i don't care
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  • Ok dude, let me explain it to you, I'm an Arab, I'm not the bad guy, but the thing is...

    This is the bad guy and let's call him Guy #1


    Now this is a WORSE guy and let's call him Guy #2


    And finally this is the WORST guy and let's call him Guy #3


    Now the story is, Guy #2 and Guy #3 are best friends and they kiss each other's asses, so they created/funded Guy #1 and his likes and they told him to do the things he has done such as 9/11, now you may ask why? The answer is, Guy #2 and Guy #3 want the world to think that all Arabs and all Muslims are similar to Guy #1 so no matter how oil Guy #2 and Guy #3 steal, no matter how many people they will kill in the Middle East, no matter how many land they will occupy and no matter how many bad things they both will do, no one will blame them simply because people think that Guy #2 and Guy #3 are fighting the "terrorists" so who can blame them? now with the help of the media and Hollywood, Guy #2 and Guy #3 are making sure that the image about Arabs will stay as it is ( Guy #1 ) so they can still do the thing they do and have their own benefits.

    Disclaimer before any one get butthurt, the flags represent the governments not the people.


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  • because they dont know them...

  • They're not bad people. the violence you see doesn't come from their religion but from culture-- I happen to be one myself and the violent people you see are all self absorbed hypocrites. They like misinterpreting everything their religion tells them to do and that's how they tyrannically control people. I wish I could personally jackslap the idiots who feel like everyone who isn't a "Muslim" deserves do die. They aren't smart enough to realize that Islam allows freedom of religion in the first place.

    Yes there are violent Arabs out there, and I hate them all. But not all Arabs are bad people. That's just a stereotype.


What Guys Said 12

  • It's propaganda. The middle east used to be good trade-partners for years until people in the west wanted to get influence for geopolitical and economical reasons. Additionally manipulation #101 requires to have a successful enemy and thus a combined cause. Russia lost that spot for a while after the cold war and therefor another role needed to be created.

    That we are part of the reason why there is so much shit going around in the middle east right now is purposefully sweeped under the rug. Let's just look at Iraq for example who was bombed at least once by each of the last 5 US presidents. Imagine you grew up in a country which gets constantly attacked and is in war (not to mention Saddam Hussein was originally an extended arm of the USA)? Hate breeds more hate and the chaos right now is us sowing what we reaped years ago.

    Naturally that is not an excuse and there are other issues as well, but to innocent lamb here is ridiculous.

  • What you said is not true at all. Yes, they're sometimes depicted as the bad guys, but it doesn't happen as often as you're trying to make it.

  • Because it's a stereotype. Especially post 9/11. No different than black guys always being portrayed as wise-cracking tough guys who at the same time aren't too smart and often die as one of the first in an action movie if they're not in a leading role. I think that's pretty stupid too.

  • The media tries to show them as either bad or people who need to be tolerated. We get media of both extremes, not one or the other.

  • Hollywood will always pander to its most lucrative market

  • It's propaganda so no one will care when the US sends troops in there.

  • It's post 9/11 America

  • Why did Hitler demonize the Jews?
    Warmongers need someone to blame the war on.

  • because it's just films.

  • 9/11
    Boko Haram
    tons of other terrorist organisations
    harassment of non muslims in arab countries
    stoning of women
    intolerance of other religions
    Do you need more examples or are these enough to convince you how horrible arabs and muslims in general are?

    • I don't disagree with those points as the evidence is clear. But still, that's not all of Arabia.

    • Slavery
      Killing the jews
      Wiping out the native americans
      hanging black people for talking to a white woman

      Am i doing this right?

    • @Koldhearted -you forgot their war against veitnam and iraq for oil and money ONLY,
      - supporting israel ( US is the only country supporting it, no other countries including EU supports israel existence)

  • I can't remember the last time an Italian (just for example) flew a plane into a building or executed a load of tourists on the beach. I'm just saying that's why it's an Arab and not an Italian portrayed as bad, if Italians did it then someone who looked Italian getting the role of villain.

    • Aha..
      So when i see an American slut..
      A woman who runs and sleep with every single man she finds
      Do i have to say all American women are sluts?
      I don't
      Just because some arabian mofos are terrorists that doesn't mean all are

    • You see high school sluts in American teen films, they don't pretend sluts don't exist.

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