Does anyone know how you're supposed to create designs for the NWHL jersey design contest?

The NWHL is having a jersey design contest and here is the link :

I'm not sure how you're supposed to create the design. Like do you do it digitally or do you draw it out and scan it and send it to them? How do people normally do this? Please help! Kinda urgent :P


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  • I'm sure either one would be fine, as it's only the general concept they're looking for, rather than the exact details (which their own professional designers would sort out).

    Personally, I'd say vector art (using Illustrator or Inkscape) will look more professional and will be the quickest and easiest method - there's a vector (. ai) version of the template here:
    Just use whatever medium you're more comfortable with though.

    Essentially they're looking for something vaguely like this:


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  • i believe u create da design on some paper i guess, then scan it, and then e-mail it 2 em wid da scanned photo :)


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