If you couldn't win 1st place would you still be trying for 2nd -4th?

If after losing 1st place at something you were competing and you're already in the top rank, the only options are now winning 2nd-4th, would you still be trying your best?

I wouldn't care at the point. Why bother going for 2nd best or be happy about barely being in last place, which is 4th.

  • No, I wouldn't care and not try my best anymore
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  • Well yes, I will keep trying my best
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This actually happened several years ago in 4th grade. Was a spelling bee contest and only 4 of us were left (we were already classified and 4th place was the worse I could get). Just when I was about to win, I made a mistake and my lowest place was now 2nd or 3rd. I gave me and stopped trying... purposely going for 3rd place.
I was still given my 3rd place prize but lol... I was pissed off


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  • Honestly, I would keep trying. In my opinion 2nd, 3rd or 4th place is better than no place.

    by the way I was wondering if you could direct me to where I can create a poll?

    • Sure when you're posting a question, there's an option where it says Include a poll with this question?
      You put a check mark on that option and your poll is going to appear

    • Sweet, Thanks!

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  • I usually keep going till the end


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  • Of course. We can't all be number 1. Nothing wrong with still trying your best

  • Ricky Bobby

  • Depends on the prize and how bad I want it.

  • i rather not place at all. it's either first place or no place

    • yeah there is no point afterward... anything other than first place is like saying ''so which loser is the best loser that gets to win first'' and it takes away the whole purpose.. the grand prize you were competing for and all that enthusiastic you prepared yourself for

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