Why did you began your natural hair journey?

When I was born I was born into the world with a beautiful head full of curls. However, curls weren't the only thing I was born into the world with;however, there was also steriotypes and ignorance. .

When I was a young girl I would think only people who were biracial or non-black could grow healthy hair. That was until I came across YouTube videos of black girls with natural hair. There were different colors, textures and lengths. Taht's when my natural journey started. No one in my family knew how to properly take care of their hair so I had to do it all by myself.

During my natural journey I had hatred towards biracial and white people still did not understand why. The more I learned about myself the less I had less hatred. I learned proper grammar, steriotypes from facts, etc. I also started ignoring debates about light skinned vs. dark skinned. I stopped using racial slurs-suchas , the n word. Not only that but I became more open minded towards gay people.

Not only did my natural hair journey open my eyes to how beautiful my hair was;however, it also opened my eyes up to other things I never knew before. The person I am today is way different than the person I was before. Don't ever follow steriotypes that people place on you because of your ethnicity. You're beautiful no matter what shade, sexuality or ethnicity you are.
Why did you began your natural hair journey?


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  • I went natural 2 years ago because my hair was in awful condition. I didn't know going natural was even an option because I was always taught curly hair was ugly. All I knew is I couldn't keep relaxing it because there was almost none left.


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  • Congratulations. Great, great story there.


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